Adamya is a fictional kingdom in the land of Encantadia, the fantasy world in which the Philippine television series of the same name is set. In the series, Adamya is the home of the Adamyans, the little people or prairies. As told in the show, Adamya is one of the four kingdoms that comprise present-day Encantadia, the others being Lireo, Hathoria and Sapiro. Adamya is the most mysterious kingdom in the Encantadia because no one knows what time Adamya was established.

Adamya 2005 2006 Map Location

Adamya's location in the map of Encantadia.


Situated in the Southern tip of Encantadia, the Kingdom of Adamya is the home of the little people or prairies. These small yet intelligent creatures are called Adamyans and are the keepers of the Brilyante ng Tubig. The kingdom is headed by its wise and faithful ruler Imaw, who possesses a staff that enables him to look into the past of a particular person it can also enable him to see current events he can also wield its awesome powers (it seems that the staff is a kind of history book compressed into a single object). Imaw's father Aegen helped the extinction of Etheria and became a member of the Council of Encantadia. Its people, the Adamyans, are also friends to the two other dissidents in Encantadia as well as to the Mandirigmas particularly because of their friendly nature and great wisdom.

The Adamyans are also known for being hard working farmers. They have a vast plantation and beautiful beaches (for their kingdom is very near to the lake/sea/ocean of Adamya) in their kingdom. They seem to only gather food every time without a care in the world.

During one of Encantadia's most turbulent epoch, the Kingdom of Adamya was overpowered by the Hathors' conquest to seize the Water Gem from its keeper. In the battle that transpired, a majority of the little denizens of Adamya died.


Inside Imaw's Hut


An Adamyan of royal lineage can be identified by a distinct marking, like the Sang'gres, but on their back. This marking resembles the rune or symbol for Adamya (which also represents the Water element).

There have been four (4) instituted rulers of Adamya since its founding:

Known Monarchs

  • Aegen - The founder and first ruler of Adamya and its representative to the Council of Four. Imok and Imaw's father.
  • Imok - When Imok's father died, he and Imaw ruled the kingdom of Adamya. Imok's presence always creates a sinister shadow of secrecy and doubt in the eyes of the Adamyans.
  • Imaw - He along with Imok were the rulers of adamya, he has got a magical staff that can show the past.
  • Hagorn - The Hathors overpowered the Kingdom of Adamya to try and take the Brilyante ng Tubig, and Hagorn took temporary rule of Adamya.

Known Adamyans


The Adamyans and Alena

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