Encantadia 25

Aegen conversing with Bartimus and Asval

Aegen is a character from the Filipino telefantasya saga Etheria which is a prequel/sequel to the highly rated Encantadia produced by GMA Network. Aegen is the first ruler of Adamya.

Filipino voice actor Noel Urbano, who also voiced Imaw, voices the role of Aegen also in the series.

Character background

Aegen was the first ruler of Adamya. He was Adamya's representative of the Council of Encantadia. He is the father of Imaw and Imok. He helped in the extinction of Etheria, however, he died in the process. After this, his two sons Imok and Imaw became rulers of Adamya. They were assigned to keep the Brilyante ng Tubig safe in Adamya.

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