Aguiluz is one of the major characters and protagonists produced by GMA Network for the Mulawin saga. He is played by Richard Gutierrez in Mulawin and Mulawin: The Movie.

Connection to Encantadia

Mulawin: The Movie


Aguiluz sees Alwina awake.

He, Alwina, Lourdes, Tres Aves, Pagaspas, Lawiswis, and Aviona was taken from the Mortal Realm to Lireo by Ybarro to heal Alwina.


Aguiluz and Alwina's wedding.

After Alwina woke up in Lireo, she and Aguiluz got married with Reyna Amihan presiding. They flew to the skies of Encantadia and made love.


Aguiluz and Alwina flying in the sky of Encantadia.

Afterwards, they returned to Lireo and Amihan returned their weapons. Aguiluz's flute, which can transform into a sword, was blessed by the Sang'gres to be as sharp as lightning and as strong as a Brilyante.


Amihan returns Aguiluz's flute.

By the end of the movie, the Tree of Life of the Golden Seed bore more Golden Seeds and Amihan revived Aguiluz's dead body in Lireo after the war against the Ravenas.


Amihan reviving Aguiluz.

  • These events and other events in the movie transpired during the early reign of Amihan as Queen of Lireo before Pirena asked for repentance to them (with the secret intention to steal the throne).


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