Sang'gre Alena
"Hindi mo dapat idaan sa pagalingan o sa pagiging mapusok na pag-udyok sa sagisag na dapat piliin si Lira o si Mira." -Alena to Pirena about the two new Sang'gres

Hara Alena is a major character and tritagonist from the Philippine fantasy series Encantadia produced by GMA Network, serving as one of the main protagonists alongside her sisters. She is one of the four elemental Sang'gres and is the keeper of the Brilyante ng Tubig. She is portrayed by Gabbi Garcia.


Alena is the third born of the four daughters of Mine-a she and Danaya are born to Mine-a not out of love but out of obedience to what is destined. Having the same father makes Danaya her full blooded sister while Pirena and Amihan are her half sisters.


Unlike her three sisters, Alena has no ambition to be Mine-a's successor. That is why she never understood her sisters' need to fight over the throne, however, she understood her mother's hardships and being the queen of Lireo is a huge responsibility and the queen's attention should only be centered on the kingdom she rules. Thus, marriage for the queen of Lireo is strictly prohibited. Alena is compassionate, understanding and also very romantic. She expresses delight in hearing love stories as well as imagining her own. The only desire of her heart is to find true love, which she finds in Ybarro. She can also be stubborn, especially when someone stops her from doing what she wants, like going out on her own.


Alena visits Adjantao.

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Alena finds out about Ybarro's "demise".

However, when Ybarro was supposedly killed by Asval to ensure he would not have any competition for the throne of Sapiro, Alena was deep in grief. She held on to the hope that Ybarro was still alive for as long as she could. Unfortunately, she was consumed by her grief and wished to forfeit her life, completely inconsolable. However, her sister Pirena intervened by disguising herself as Emre so she could take her sister's Brilyante while at the same time sparing her life and giving her a chance to start anew by erasing her memories.

For a time, while she was in the realm of the mortals, Alena (renamed as Akesha) was naive and easily impressionable as she had no memories to orient herself in the world she lived in. That all changed when she was abducted by the bandidos and Pirena's enchantment wore off. Alena, though overjoyed at reuniting with Ybarro, was devastated when she learned that he and her sister, Amihan, were getting closer. This allowed Pirena to take advantage of Alena's vulnerability and she managed to convince her to defect from Ybarro's side. However, she was able to birth a child that she conceived with Ybarro right before an attempt was made on her life which required her to not only render herself transformed into a turtle to regain her strength but forced her to abandon her child, who she named Kahlil.

When she was returned to her original form, she hoped to be reunited with her beloved son, but she learns that her sister, Danaya, killed him to protect Lira, Amihan's daughter. This turned Alena vengeful, irrational and bitter, as not only did the sister that she loved so dearly killed her son but Ybarro, the father of Kahlil, did not want to exact vengeance for her son's death. This led her to ally herself with her sister, Pirena, who was recently exiled from Lireo and joined her plot in retaking the kingdom through deceiving the resistance led by Amihan. However, Amihan managed to outsmart both of them and Alena was left to her guilt for betraying the people who took her in when she had no where else to turn to.

When they were able to retake Lireo, Alena joined her sisters but tensions still remained. Alena still held a grudge against Danaya and is heavily conflicted at the prospects of having a rival for Ybarro's heart in her sister, Amihan. Seeing them together breaks Alena's heart and she was even tempted by Ether to accept her offer of a love spell that will be sure to win Ybarro's heart should she simply pledge her allegiance. However, Alena declined and decided to set Ybarro free, much to her sorrow, and chose to be alone as she left Lireo to live in a hut in the forest. Despite everything she has been through, Alena continues to strive to remain strong in such a trying time. She even resolved to aid Lireo by rushing into the fray despite not having any powers, showing her capacity for heroism.

However, as time went on, Alena learned the hard way that holding on to her grudges will only leave her with more suffering and begged Emre for the strength to let go of what holds her back from letting her family in once more. As soon as Danaya reached out to her, Alena rejoined her sisters in Lireo as one of the members of Amihan's council and willingly stood by her sisters in battle, even enforcing Amihan's will in the queen's stead. Alena also does not take kindly to betrayal, as she was shocked and saddened that Aquil, of all people, could disobey Amihan's orders and reluctantly had him imprisoned for his crime.

Alena made it clear that she only agreed to stay in Lireo for Aquil's sake and soon went back to her vagrancy. However, trouble always seemed to find Alena, as she became the target of Hathoria's forces when she allied with Cassiopeia to protect Deshna, Hagorn and Lilasari's child, so that he may not aid in bringing about Encantadia's destruction. Even when her life was on the line, she refused to give up Deshna's location and fought as hard as she could even when the odds were stacked against her. This shows Alena's capacity for true heroism and she rejoined her sisters once again to safeguard Deshna and the future of Encantadia. Even when Hagorn brought back a nigh-invincible army from Balaak and threatens to destroy Lireo, Alena still refuses to disclose Deshna's location.

Recent events revealed that Alena has already forgiven Danaya for accidentally murdering her son, especially after Lira showed Alena through an image taken from her cellphone that Kahlil is in a better place, finally granting her the peace of mind she long sought. However, Alena was also mindful of her own wrongdoings toward Danaya and asked her younger sister's forgiveness for pushing her away for something she even didn't mean to do.

Alena's experiences have helped her mature significantly since the war with Hathoria ended. She is now a dedicated protector of Adamya and one of Danaya's most trusted advisors on the Council of Lireo. She has grown to be more level-headed than her two sisters, as she did not allow herself to be consumed by her grief when both Mira and Lira were mercilessly killed by the Etherian forces like Pirena is. She also did not take her anger out on Cassiopeia but did not hold back in making her indignation felt. She also appears to have outgrown her previous ideation of not wanting to be queen out of the desire to fall in love as her duty as a Sang'gre is more important to her. She even offered to take Danaya's place as Queen of Lireo so her younger sister could be with Aquil. Finally, despite everything that happened between her and Ybarro, she wishes that he would find peace and happiness after all he lost.


Alena fierce

Alena dons her "baluting pandigma" by the grace of the brilyante ng tubig

Debut Appearance

Alena first made her appearance when they were interrupted during their study session. When Muros told them that their sister Amihan has returned to Lireo, Alena happily said that she is excited to meet her. Even at a young age, Alena is already knowledgeable of the fact that when they are older

Encantadia Ang hudyat ng digmaan

Alena dons her "baluting pandigma" by the grace of the brilyante ng tubig

there would come a time that the four of them will be rivals battling for the right to be the next queen of Lireo. This is shown when Amihan asked why Pirena is cold towards her. Alena explains Pirena may think they are her rivals in being the next queen.

Meeting Ybarro and the Queen candidacy

Alena trained with her sisters until they were older however, she still had no intention to compete for the throne. During her free time, Alena would go out of the castle to go to her favorite place in the forest, the waterfall. It is unknown how often Alena goes there but when she does, she bathes there. During this visit of hers, while bathing a Mandirigma called her attention. She was angered to see him carrying her clothes. She shouted at him and demanded him to return it. The two then had a flirtratious moment before Alena got out of the water and teleported back to Lireo, feeling angry about what has happened. When the time for Mine-a to choose a heir came, Alena made no preparations. Before their upcoming test, Alena wore a flower crown to see if she is suited to be a queen. Amihan comes over and tells her it suits her well but Alena rejects saying she never desired to become the next queen because of the rules of Lireo. Amihan opened up to her why she wanted to become queen. Alena felt the sincerity of Amihan and told her that she deserves to be the next queen. The two embrace only to be spoiled by Pirena who told them even if they work hard, she will still be the next queen. Armed with her Pilum named Agos, Alena prepared for her turn. Pirena provoked her to become the first one to battle knowing she will let herself lose. Alena pretended to act tough saying a Sang'gre never retreats a battle. She is the first to fight against the warrior and easily lost because she done it intentionally. After her short battle, she returned to Lireo and happily told Muyak that she lost. Later, she is seen speaking with Banak and Nakba still happy about her lost and she sings a song to them. Unknown to her, Ybarro was secretly watching her. When Aquil gave the signal that the Hathors are headed for Lireo. Mine-a called Alena and her sisters for an important meeting and at the same time Amihan's coronation. Alena was entrusted with the Brilyante ng Tubig for safekeeping.

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Alena creating a Tsunami using the Brilyante ng Tubig.

War of Lireo and Hathoria

Alena participated in the war against Hathoria. She struggles in fighting with the Hathors when Ybarro came to her aid. Together they fight against the Hathors. When the battle was over, Hitano came to fetch Alena. Alena was going to look back at Ybarro but a jealous Hitano told her that she is a Sang'gre and she must not take interest in a low class mandirigma only. Alena wanted to end the war once and for all. Using the Brilyante ng Tubig she created a tsunami which made the Hathors retreat ending the war. After the war, Ybarro came to visit Alena again. Ybarro tells her that he wanted to make sure she is safe and upon seeing her now, he could calmly return to their home. Before Ybarro leaves she asks for his name. Ybarro tells her his name and hands her a bouquet of pink flowers he took from a flower display nearby. As he hands her the flowers the soldiers caught him. Alena teases Ybarro by telling the soldiers there is an intruder. Ybarro immediately left and Alena giggles as she smells the flowers Ybarro gave her. Ybarro and Alena meet at the forest once again. Alena would secretly go out of Lireo to meet with Ybarro. As time passes by, she becomes close with Ybarro until she realizes that she is in love with him. Mine-a learns about this relationship from Hitano and disapproves it because it is against the law. Mine-a approves her engagement to Hitano and at the same time, prohibiting her from going outside of Lireo. Alena felt hurt when everyone including Amihan forbade her to go outside Lireo but these negative emotions Alena felt immediately disappeared upon the death of Mine-a. Alena shed a lot of tears for her mother and expressed joy on the birth of Lira stating that even though their mother died, Lira was born as a replacement.

One day, Ybarro surprised her by telling her that he no longer loves him. Alena refused to believe it at first but when Ybarro returned the necklace she gave him and told her that he only tested himself if he is capable of making a Sang'gre fall in love with him. Not knowing Ybarro's true reason, she beats him up and tells him he's fortunate that she did not do more to him. From that point on, Alena vowed never to love again. This stayed true long all the way until Lira (actually Mira) reached toddler age, and Alena continued to deny Hitano's advances.

Alena still misses Ybarro. Sometimes she would weep when looking at the wood carving he made for her, but at another point she destroys a rock where Ybarro carved their names (as a witness to their love). Alena would reveal to Amihan that she still loves Ybarro after her sister noticed Alena's advocacy towards the Mandirigma. After knowing Ybarro had died, Alena refused to believe he is dead because no body was ever found and started to search for him. During her search she encounters Apitong and he accompanies her in roaming around Encantadia looking for signs that Ybarro is still alive and along the way they would help Encantados who are being attacked by the Hathors. Alena finds out from an Encantado that there is a certain entity who takes away the life force of some Encantados. Thinking that Ybarro might be one of the victims, Alena returns to Lireo in deep sorrow for not being able to save Ybarro. Alena becomes more burdened as days pass thinking she is useless and only thinks about romance Pirena contradicts her idea of committing suicide telling her she must see her value in Encantadia. Alena tried to live her days normally but would often be absentminded while walking around the palace. Later, the pixies of Lireo had finished their banyuhay it was the first time Alena smiled for a long time. Alena expressed excitement in seeing Muyak once more after a long time however, when Imaw asked one of the pixies where is Muyak she tells them Muyak did not participate in the banyuhay because of this Alena sunk into a much deeper soltitude. The time came when Alena could no longer surpress her depression she left Lireo without any notice and went to the shoreline of Sapiro with the intention of drowning herself. She commands the Brilyante ng Tubig to create a tsunami that would drown her but the gem does not obey. Later Bathalang Emre appears to her asking her to surrender the gem and he will use it to remove all her pains. Alena willfully surrenders the gem to the bathala who is actually Pirena in disguise and Pirena uses it to remove her memories.

Stay in the Mortal World

Hitano conspired with Pirena to hide Alena into the World of Mortals they took the identities of Berdano and Akesha. Alena would soon question her identity when she encounters Muyak who tells her she is Alena and Berdano is Hitano. Hitano denies everything Muyak said and moves into another house. When Hitano wasn't around, Alena grabbed the opportunity to verify everything she had heard from Muyak and soon finds Hitano's sword. Being an educated Diwata, Alena was able to read what was written on the sword and verifies that Berdano's real name is really Hitano. Alena escaped from their new house to look for Muyak and Lira. Along the way, she almost got hit by a car which is being driven by Anthony. Anthony offers Alena to bring her to her destination.

Return to Encantadia

After Anthony had dropped Alena off his car Alena at some point got caught by a Bandido and was brought back into Encantadia using the Lagusan ng Pagkaligaw along with their other victims. Luckily the Bandido guarding her was captivated by her and refused to hurt her but asked for something in return. Alena entered her ivictus mode before he was able to do something to her. Alena deactivates her ivictus mode and knocks out the Bandido. Alena then questions why she has powers. Alena immediately teleported from the place. Alena was surprised of her ability and she questioned her identity even more upon encountering Agane who called her Alena. Before Agane could take Alena with her, Alena teleports again to another part of the forest. Cassiopea appears to her and offers to return her memories but Alena rejects telling her she does not know her leaving Cassiopea to forcibly return her memories to her. Upon regaining her memories Alena momentarily faints. When she regained consciousness Cassiopea updates Alena with the happenings in Encantadia when she was at the World of Mortals. Before they parted ways, Cassiopea reminds Alena to never let Pirena deceive her again. Morning came, Alena rested at a tree nearby. When she woke up she stood up and upon looking at her back she sees Ybarro not far from where she is. Ybarro told her he loves her but did not tell her he knows where Amihan is. He brings Alena to Sapiro instead and asked her to stay there until she comes back. After being left alone Pirena appears to her. Alena tries to make her pay for all the deception she did by attacking her but Pirena uses the Brilyante ng Tubig to immobilize her movement and shatter the object she was going to use to attack her. Pirena then attempted to deceive her again by telling her that Ybarro and Amihan are the ones who are deceiving her because they did not tell her about Lira. Ybarro returns to Sapiro and tells her to prepare because he will bring her to where Amihan and their allies are. Alena then asks Alira Naswen if there really is something going on between Amihan and Ybarro after Alira indirectly confirms the rumor, Alena enters the tent where Amihan and Ybarro are and sees them holding hands. Alena confirms if there is something going on between them. Ybarro denies while Amihan confirms. Amihan explains to her about Ybarro being chosen as the father of Lira. Alena asks Ybarro if this was the reason why he ended his relationship with her to which Ybarro confirms. Alena then storms out of the tent. Amihan tried to reason out with her but Alena wasn't convinced because she herself did not tell her the truth. Alena teleported from their camp to Lireo where she sought Pirena. Alena tells her she was right, everything she told her is the whole truth.


After changing clothes, Alena notices the mark on her palm gave a warning. Pirena who was walking around with Gurna sees her looking troubled while holding into her palm. Pirena takes a look at her palm and identifies the mark as the mark indicating that she is carrying a child. Alena remembers the night when Ybarro slept with her. She held Ybarro's hand and a butterfly landed on their hands thus conceiving the child at her womb. Pirena asks why does she look unhappy it was her long time dream to be a mother. Alena replied she did not wish to conceive a child with a liar. Pirena assures her she will be there for her. Hagorn then arrives shocking Alena. Alena asks Pirena why is Hagorn in Lireo, Pirena tells about their alliance and assures Alena that her father is trustworthy. Alena didn't believe Pirena and left Lireo. Alena is back in the forest while walking she felt that it is almost the time of her labor. She prayed to Emre to help her find a safe place to give birth. Agane then arrives to her location with the intention of killing her. Because Alena was carrying a child, her speed in fighting got affected and Agane manages to heavily wound her luckily, Alena was able to escape just as she was about to finish her off. Alena teleports to an area near the shoreline;there she found a medicinal plant that could help ease her bleeding. Moments after, Alena finally gave birth to a baby boy. Alena became more weaker as time passes due to blood lost. She came to her last resort, speeding up Kahlil's aging. She then blessed him with strength and skills to be able to defend himself. Alena then prayed to Emre once more to watch over the last reminder of her love for Ybarro. Before leaving, Alena named her son Kahlil and told him to always remember that he is the son of Alena and Ybarro. Alena then proceeded to the shoreline and transformed into a turtle and went into the sea to recover from her wounds and escape an early death. Agua found her resting by the shoreline. Under the orders of Pirena, Agua helps Alena return to her diwata form by bringing her to Lumang Etheria where the Puno ng Buhay is but the guardian of the tree, Evades, wasn't happy to see them and banished them to another place. Agua did not give up and managed to return to the tree. Seeing her determination to help Alena, Evades finally allows Agua to pick a fruit. Agua found it difficult to decide on which fruit Alena would eat so she left the decision making to Alena. Alena positioned herself below the fruit she fancied to eat. Agua picked the fruit for her and gave it to her. Agua left to fetch a handful of water for Alena to drink. When she returned, Alena finished eating the fruit and appeared behind Agua in her diwata form again.

Kahlil's Death


Alena mourns the death of her son.

Once again a diwata, Alena went to Lireo as instructed by Agua to once again reunite with her sister Pirena. In Lireo, she asked Hagorn to show her sister, Pirena, only to be informed that Pirena is no longer the queen of Lireo and is now banished. Now being cornered, Alena tried to fight the hathors, only to be defeated and held captive. Alena was then imprisoned in the Lirean cells and is guarded by Hitano. She begged hitano to save her, but Hitano couldn't do it alone so the Lirean soldier told Pirena that her sister is being held captive in Lireo. Pirena tried to immediately rescue her sister, however, she was not able to teleport inside the castle because of Hagorn's enchantment that no one should be able to teleport inside Lireo. Seeing that Pirena could not enter the castle without being unnoticed, Hitano took the initiative to free Alena despite its dangers. Once free, Alena knocked Hitano down and escaped the castle. She found herself in the forest where she saw Cassiopea. She asked Cassiopea where she could find Kahlil. Much to the sang'gre's dismay, Cassiopea informed her that she could not find Kahlil through divination as her visions are being blocked by Bathalumang Ether. She told Alena to go to the old kingdom of Etheria herself and confront the Bathaluman to know the whereabouts of her child. Alena did as Cassiopea said and talked to the bathaluman. In response, the bathaluman told Alena that her son is about to be killed by the diwatas in the ensuing battle near the kingdom of sapiro. She did not believe what the bathaluman said and left the fallen kingdom of Etheria. She went to the battle field only to see the dead and the wounded; She was too late. She saw her sisters, Danaya and Pirena, together with Lira and the dead body of her son. Although the Sang'gres tried to look for a way to resuscitate Kahlil, all of their plans failed. Danaya tried to use the earth elemental gem but it could not heal dead people. They also went to the Labyrinth of the Balbal only to find out that a powerful diwata managed to defeat the balbal alone and took all of its magical seeds which could bring anyone else who died, given the condition that they haven't entered devas yet. Mourning due to the loss of her son, Alena demanded the three sang'gres to tell her who killed Kahlil. Pirena lied, stating that Hagorn was the person who killed Kahlil. Afterwhich, the sang'gres decided to ask for the help of evades by allowing them to take a fruit from the tree of life so that they could revive kahlil. Evades showed up and told them that the tree could not return back life and that all they could do is accept that Kahlil is finally dead. Later, Danaya, who couldn't accept the condition given by Pirena which is to take the earth elemental gem in exchange for the covering up that she has done, admitted that she is really the one who killed Kahlil. Furious, Alena almost killed Danaya only to be interrupted by Lira. Once alone with the dead body of her son and her sister Pirena, Alena mourned for Kahlil until the lambanas took his body.

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Alena threatens Danaya because of her son's death.

Allegiance with Pirena

After the death of her son, Alena became furious with the diwatas. She allied herself withe Pirena. Being left in a fragile state, Alena was easily manipulated by Pirena into believing the they are avenging the death of her son when in fact, Pirena only wants to claim power once again by defeating their sisters and taking their elemental gems so they could once again reclaim Lireo, which is currently taken by Hagorn. They went to the castle of Sapiro and captured Lira who they intend to kill in exchange for the death of her son. After capturing Lira, Alena took back the gift of pleasant voice she gave to the former. They were soon confronted Cassiopea, who fought the two so that Lira could escape. The two sang'gres were defeated by Cassiopea. Later, Alena and Pirena met Amihan and Danaya. Amihan asked Alena what she did to Lira and where she is. Filled with anger, Alena told Amihan that she killed the latter's daughter. Amihan, who is ready to choke Alena to death by strangling her, was interrupted by Danaya, stating that Alena could not do such a thing despite being blinded by anger due to the death of her son. Alena allied with Pirena for some time until she decided to be on her own as Pirena would attempt to claim Sapiro. Alena, who still loves ybarro, did not agree with this and decided to be left alone instead.

Helping Cassiopea

Once again alone, Alena grieved the loss of her son, Kahlil. Her loss, however, was cut short when she went to the land of the Nymfas and found Deshna under the custody of her adoptive mother, Helgad. During a confrontation, Alena saved the Nymfas from the Hathors. She asked Helgad where did the diwata baby come from, and the latter told Alena the truth about Deshna. Alena convinced Helgad that it is not safe for the baby to stay with the Nymfas as the jungle is filled with wild animals and the Nymfas would not be able to defend the baby once the Hathors attack them again. Reluctant, Helgad still gave up the baby because she knows that Alena is right. Alena stayed with the baby in her tent, taking care of her until the Hathors started attacking them as they figured out that the baby Alena is raising is Hagorn's and LiraSari's child. Cassiopea telepathically communicated with Alena in order to make sure that the baby is safe. When the hathors started to invade Alena's camp, Cassiopea went there to rescue them. However, after Hagorn figured out that Alena has his child and decided to attack the sang'gre himself to take back his baby, Alena's situation became more dangerous and the two diwatas decided to give Deshna to Helgad. Despite being difficult for her, Alena gave up Luna in order to ensure the safety of the baby.

Battle against the Hadezars

Alena gradually learned to forgive her sisters; Amihan for inadvertently taking Ybrahim's feelings, and Danaya for killing her son. During the return of the Hadezars, it became more and more dangerous to stay in camp and to be alone in the woods so Alena stayed once again in the Lirean castle. Powerless after losing her elemental gem to Pirena during their confrontation in Sapiro, Alena took Adhara's Staff and used it as her primary weapon in order to defeat her enemies with ease because of the staff's ability to project energy beams. Soon enough, after Pirena figured out the message given to her by their mother, Mine-a, she went to lireo to beg for her sister's forgiveness. During this moment, Pirena returned the elemental gem that she forcefully took from Alena and the two reconciled with each other. Together with Danaya, Amihan, and Pirena, Alena fought the hadezars who are trying to invade Lireo. Although powerful now that they have three elemental gems, together with Pirena's capability to project fire, the diwatas were still unable to fight the hadezars as only the combined force of the Mother gem or another ivtre could vanquish the undead soldiers of hagorn. When Amihan proposed that someone should die in order to fight the hadezars, she was opposed by the diwatas and Sapiryans. However, when Amihan decided to sacrifice herself, Alena decided that she should be the person to sacrifice herself instead. She thought that since there is nothing left for her in encantadia, her romance with ybrahim long gone, and her son long dead and staying in devas, She wished to just be reunited with her son instead by sacrificing herself in place of Amihan. When Amihan stayed in Lireo, Alena was one of the few who remained together with her sister Danaya. Much to Amihan's surprise, Alena showed up to rescue her sister and to sacrifice herself in place of amihan. She sent Amihan to sleep in order to stop Amihan from interfering with her plans. She went back to the Sapiryan throne room and fought Hagorn and the Hadezars alone and almost got herself killed if not for Amihan's intervention. Amihan teleported Alena to Danaya and had her sister healed. She then continued to fight until she died.

Amihan's Death

Alena decided to once again live with the Diwatas after the death of Amihan. She went on to becoming Lira's mentor in sonokinesis. She became one of the council members with her sisters, Danaya and Pirena, together with the remaining councilmen of Lireo to ensure the prosperity of the Kingdom of Lireo.

New Threat Arc

Return of Ether, Avria, and the kingdom of Etheria

After Avria, with the help of Bathalumang Ether, managed to take possession of Cassiopea's body, Alena is one of the few beings in encantadia who recognized the mysterious change in the demeanor of Cassiopea. She, together with her sisters, went to see where Cassiopea went during the debut of the two sang'gres. They knew something mysterious happened to Cassiopea when the latter acted differently to the sang'gres, teasing them of their past. Despite their bad feeling about it, they decided to just disregard their speculations as Cassiopea is a friend and an ally to encantadia.

Alena's plan to reconstruct Adamya

As Ybrahim's visit becomes frequent in the Lirean Castle, Alena has to hide more often in order to prevent any encounter with the rama of sapiro. She asked for Danaya's blessing to allow her to rebuild Adamya instead as a way to avoid meeting Ybrahim. On her way to Adamya, she saw Luna and her companion. She directed them to Lireo after ensuring that they are pure-hearted. Afterwhich, she left together with Banak and Nakba.


The chaos made Alena realize she needs to return to Lireo.

Meeting Azulan and Amihan in Ariana's body

When the Etherians invaded Punjabwe, a tribe of sapiro, they went near the borders of Adamya. When a battle ensued near the borders of Adamya, Alena showed up in order to help the captive punjabwe, Azulan, with his sister Ariana. In her encounter with the etherians, she saw LiraSari. She reminder LiraSari with some of her memories. Despite being reminded of some of her lost memories, she still pinned Alena down as a command from her ally, Andora. LiraSari was hesitant in killing Alena. As she is about to kill Alena, the punjabwes intervene, helping Alena and paying back her favor. She then left for Lireo as a respond to the message given to her by her sister who told her about the return of Avria and the Etherians.


Alena questioning Paopao.

Return to Lireo

Once she reached Lireo, she reported all that has happened on her way. She conversed with Danaya about what she saw: LiraSari siding with the Etherians after being manipulated by Ether. Later on, she went with Pirena and Ybrahim to save Lira who is being tormented by Avria. She fought Avria with her sister Pirena. Avria left the diwatas after seeing that they could defeat her with the help of the elemental gems. Back in Lireo, she saw the punjabwes who helped her. She was surprised that Lira was not the chosen one to wield the Brilyante ng Hangin.


Alena defends Danaya who has the appearance of Avria.


Upon the defeat of their enemies, Danaya stepped down from the position of being queen and gave it to Alena. During her coronation ivtres descended from Devas to congratulate her namely Kahlil, Hitano, Deshna, Muyak, Ariana, Raquim, etc., and Amihan who was permitted by Emre upon the Bathalumang Cassiopea's request and Ariana's valour to become an Ivtre again. Alena then conceived a child with Memfes and named him Adamus presumably to remember him of his future role in Adamya.

The Three Sang'gres upon seeing Amihan return.


Alena gave birth to Adamus days after her coronation.

Powers and Abilities

  • Ivictus: An innate ability unique to the royal family of the kingdom of Lireo, Alena has the ability to move from one place to another without occupying the space in between. However, this power is limited by the extent of the injuries she has sustained. If Alena is moderately injured, she is unable to use this ability properly.
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    Sonokinesis: Alena was born with the natural ability to charm anyone with her beautiful voice. Her voice naturally captivates anyoen who hears it. This ability is also usefull in battle, by changing the scales of her voice from soft and mesmerizing into a sharp and deadly one. She has showcased to different methods of offensively using her ability in battle. First is just shouting at her target, this is done by supernaturally magnifying the power and tone of her voice which causes a ripple of shockwaves come out of her mouth, once the magnified wave reached a solid surface, the shockwave will then disperse causing a final larger wave that can knock her enemies down. Second method is that she uses a spell as lyrics to a song, cast it to then gradually amplifies the tone that will eventually crack or damage anyone within the range of her ability.
  • Hydrokinesis: As the Water Gem's guardian, she can harness its ability to manipulate water in all its forms an volume, as well as the life forms that depend on the element. The known extent of the water gem's power under Alena's command is that she can create and control a huge surge by summoning the water of the ocean to rise and wipe out anyone she sees as her enemy. She can also use the gem to send messages by using water.
    • Energy Manipulation - Just like all the gems, Alena, when in possession of the gem of water, she can shoot out balls or streams of water-based energy attacks to injure or kill her enemies. She can also create barriers of green energy- responding to the respective element of the gem.
    • Blessing Inducement - Just like all the gems, Alena, when in possession of the water gem, can bestow blessings of any kind to anything or anyone as long as it relates the blessing to its respective element. Alena notably blessed Lira with the power of voice and to have a personality that mirrors the water's ability to be calm but can be a destructive force when needed to be. The gem of water can also create or augment any enchantments.
  • Zoolingualism: is the power to talk to animal life forms and understand their reactions. It is revealed by Mira that having a Sapiryan blood will enable someone to talk to animal forms in Encantadia.
  • Shapeshifting - Alena has the ability to turn into any marine life specie. Although if this is a permanent ability granted by the water gem is currently unknown.


  • Despite playing the role of Alena, the third daughter of Mine-a. Gabbi is actually the youngest of the 4 in real life, age 17 at the time Encantadia 2016 premiered.
  • She is the only sister to have held more than one named weapon as her own, as she wielded the Agos (a pilum) for much of the series and is currently using the Lupig(a magical scepter once owned by Adhara that also acts as a spear).
  • According to the director of Encantadia, Sang'gre Alena was supposed to be the one to die during the end of the Hadezar Arc, but after many many meetings, it was finally decided that it is going to be Amihan who is going to die to secure Kylie's safety.
  • In the 2005 series, Alena is the only daughter of Minea to not become Queen of Lireo as she became Queen of Sapiro, but in this version, Alena became Queen of Lireo after the final battle and after Danaya decided to retire.
  • In the 2005 series, Alena is known to be the most well-versed in the Mystical Arts out of the four Sanggres. In the 2016 version of Alena she was not shown to have this knowledge.


Overview of all her appearances

  • A collection of how Alena looked as the series progressed.

Archive of Infobox Portraits

  • Photos formerly used as Alena's infobox portrait.

Wiki Background


Alena is a very beautiful diwata with a hint of gentleness in her face. Many Encantados are captivated by her beauty namely Ybarro, Hitano and the Bandido guarding her.

  • When they were younger Alena was taller than Amihan and Danaya. She wears a simple light green 1-shoulder cut dress.
  • In her training outfit she wears a v-neck green outfit and armlets with gold linings and a headgear.
  • In her formal appearance she wears a v-neck forest green gown with a criss cross front keyhole style that is decorated with yellow-green and gold leaves, pearls and wavy designs. Her tiara is circle shaped based with a design of aquatic plants like lilies and seaweeds. With a chain of white crystals and pearls different sizes and in are in colors of green, gold and white hanging at the base.
  • When going out, Alena wears a cape made with fabrics in different colors of green with a yellow lining at the hood.
  • Alena's warrior form consists of a jewel cut silver breastplate with a shell-like design. She has also wears silver shell-like shields on her shoulders. She wears a green short and a belt with a shell like design and circles at the front with seaweeds attached. A green seaweed-like fabric is attached to her green shorts. Her boots is silver colored with green and brown colors. She carries her pilum "Agos" along with her. Her hair becomes curly and has seaweeds attached also, she wears a shell-like helmet.
  • Upon returning to her Diwata form Alena wore a sleeveless green dress with a u collar adorened with pearls on the right side.
  • Alena's teleportation effect is similar to most Diwatas--she disappears in a flurry of white light. However, upon acquiring the Water gem, her teleportation effect has changed. Instead of white light, she now disappears in a swirl of water particles, indicative of her element.

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