Alwina is one of the major characters and protagonists produced by GMA Network for the Mulawin saga. In Mulawin and Mulawin: The Movie she is played by Angel Locsin while in Mulawin vs. Ravena she is played by Heart Evangelista.

Connection to Encantadia


Alwina was taken to Encantadia from the Mortal Realm by Muyak after she died. There, in Encantadia, Alwina met Ynang Reyna, who treated her injury. Alwina and Muyak became best friends. They also gave her a task, wherein Ynang Reyna created Rahuyo who she says is her son and has the same physical appearance as Aguiluz/Julian. Alwina felt love. Ynang Reyna wanted Alwina to eat the Gintong Kanin so she can stay forever happy in Encantadia. (More TBA)

Mulawin: The Movie

She was taken to Lireo from the Mortal Realm, again, after being severely injured. When she woke up in Lireo, Imaw informed Amihan and Danaya. Alwina then sees Aguiluz and they later wed in Lireo.


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Mulawin Ang pagdating ni Alwina sa 'Encantadia' Episode 34

Mulawin Ang pagdating ni Alwina sa 'Encantadia' Episode 34

Alwina arrives at Encantadia.

Mulawin Ynang Reyna ng 'Encantadia' Episode 35

Mulawin Ynang Reyna ng 'Encantadia' Episode 35

Alwina meets Ynang Reyna.

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