The Appointed is the 14th episode of the Philippine fantasy series Encantadia produced by GMA Network. The episode is one chapter long. The official hashtag for this episode is #EncantadiaAngItinadka.


Kabanata 18: Ang Bagong Tagapagmana

Title translation: Chapter 18: The New Heir

As Ybarro and Alena continue to have a moment together, Hitano was secretly spying on them. Hitano then reprimanded Ybarro to not get closer towards Alena, Apitong, is worried about Hitano’s warning towards Ybarro, but Ybarro is not afraid of it. Meanwhile, Amihan has finally gained consciousness, and apologizing to Mine-a from her actions during the battle. Amihan was then greeted by her Sisters, Alena and Danaya and was proud of Alena when Muyak told them about Alena’s relationship with an Encantado. Mine-a then told Amihan that they found the father of her offspring, much to her surprise.

At Hathoria, Gurna reported to Pirena about Amihan’s offspring. So Pirena devised a plan to prevent it; having her own child from an Encantado before killing him.

Hitano tried to stop Alena from going to the land of the Mandirigma, but Alena wouldn’t listen. So Hitano reported it to Aquil. And as Ybarro and Alena once again meet, Ybarro confesses his love towards Alena. Mine-a revealed to Danaya that the only way for Amihan to meet the father of her offspring is through their dream. And as Amihan fell asleep, she met Ybarro and touched hands, this disturbs Ybarro. Amihan woke up upon receiving a mark on her palm that she finally conceives a child. Pirena also receives the same mark on her palm the same time as Amihan, revealing to Hagorn that she will use the child against Amihan and her Child .