Apitong is a minor character from the Philippine fantasy series Encantadia produced by GMA Network. Leader of the Mandirigma and foster father of Ybarro. Filipino actor John Regala played Apitong. In the requel version, Christian Bautista played the character.

Encantadia (Book 1)

During the war between Hathoria and Sapiro and after the death of King Armeo of Sapiro, Raquim placed Queen Mayne and her son, Ybrahim on a carriage to escape Sapiro. A group of bandits led by Apitong is waiting at the ambush to attack and steal from the traveling royalty and their men. Before the bandits could attack, a group of Hathor soldiers attacks this convey. Raquim and the Sapiro guards managed to fight them off and send them fleeing. Raquim orders six of the Sapiryan guards to remain back to guard the royal queen while the rest of the soldiers follow Raquim to chase after the fleeing Hathor soldiers so that they cannot inform Hagorn about their discovery. When Raquim has left the scene, suddenly another group of Hathor soldiers launch their attack. The six remaining guards are outnumbered and no match against them. Apitong seeing the Sapiro guards being slaughtered, ordered his men to attack the Hathor soldiers. Mayne started using her hidden dagger to kill Hathors that were incoming, a Hathor caught the Queen off guard. Apitong rushed to the carriage and killed the Hathor that was attacking Queen Mayne. He tried to save the dying Queen of Sapiro but she was on her last breath. The queen before dying, handed her his son and told him to take care of him and passed him a silver colored kantao that will serve as the proof that he is the Prince of Sapiro.

Apitong raised Ybrahim to be one of them. He grew up as an excellent warrior of the Mandirigma camp and gave him the name of 'Ybarro' to keep the lost prince safe from the Hathors. Apitong was later killed by Agane when the Hathors attacked the Mandirigma's camp.

Etheria (Book 2)

Apitong did not appear in Etheria.

Encantadia: Pag-ibig Hanggang Wakas (Book 3)

Apitong did not appear in Encantadia: Pag-ibig Hanggang Wakas but made a cameo appearance via flashback in the credits of the final episode.

Sapiro (2005-2006 series)
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