Ariana is a character from the Philippine fantasy television series, Encantadia. She is known as a Punjabwe from a tribe from Sapiro and is now the reincarnation of Amihan. She is portrayed by Arra San Agustin.


Ariana is a young Punjabwean woman from Punjabwe, a tribe that is situated not far from the kingdom of Sapiro. She is also the younger sister of the Punjabwe warrior, Azulan. Since she is a woman, Ariana was not allowed to hold a weapon and fight like her older brother and the other men on their tribe. Like the other women of Punjabwe, her duty is to marry someone and raise their children to be the next warriors of their tribe.


Etheria Arc

The Raid of the Etherians

Ariana was one of the women that was brought for a ceremony to determine who will be the woman that the Rehav of the Punjabwes, Manik, will marry. Already known to her, the prince already has feelings for Ariana even before the ceremony, but she does not like him at all. They were to be chosen by the prince by placing a metal ball on a machine which has holes to every woman to be chosen. If the ball falls to a woman the machine chose, she will be the one that Manik will marry.

The ceremony begins and Manik puts the ball on the machine. Moments later, the ball fell into the hands of Ariana. She was then declared to be the woman that Rehav Manik will marry. It can be seen the disappointment in her eyes, because she could not understand why she has to marry the prince that was in front of him. After the ceremony, Ariana cried alone in a corner. His brother Azulan then approached him and asked if she is alright. She then told him that marrying Manik was against her will and was not happy that the Babaylan have chosen her as the betrothed woman for the prince. Azulan explained to her why he has to be with Manik; because he is the most brave and skillful warrior in their tribe, and he can defend himself and Ariana from any harm. Ariana then questioned why she must put her hopes to this man, since she can just learn to fight and carry a weapon like the other Punjabweans, Azulan then reminded her of their customs and she only needs to follow those. Felt that she has no other choice, Ariana finally accepted her fate and agreed to marry Manik.

Not far away from he bottom of the village, the Mashnas of Etheria (Hera Andora, Asval, Amarro, and LilaSari), along with their soldiers were plotting to attack the Land of the Punjabwes in order to add their men for their growing army. This alerted Manik, who had seen the enemies from the plains. The Etherians moved closer to the Punjabwes and they started raiding their homes, capturing their men and even the other women and children. Ariana was then asked by Azulan to hide in one of the houses, which she obeyed. Manik and Azulan then tried to defend themselves, but the forces of Etheria were too powerful for them and they were soon apprehended.

Andora then saw Ariana hiding and she was brought back outside. She then commanded her soldiers to take the men but Ariana stopped them, not letting his brother and the others go, despite the fear she was feeling. Azulan in turn, told her not to fight back and to just stay quiet so no one would hurt her, for which Manik agreed. Defiant, Ariana removed her hand from Andora, and the Heran responded by slapping her, causing her to fall into the ground. Ariana then saw an axe, which she saw as a way to defend herself from the Heran. She tried to wield it against Andora despite her inxeperience to fight, which proved futile. The Heran had enough, and she finally stabbed Ariana in the abdomen, which causes her to fall into the ground and wounding her.

As Ariana gasped for air, her brother Azulan struggled from his captives and tended to her, who was dying. Moments later, as she called her older brother, Ariana finally succumbed to her wound and ultimately died. In anger, Azulan attack the Etherians but he was easily overpowered by Asval. The Etherians were then commanded by Andora to take the Punjabwe men away, leaving the women and children, including the lifeless body of Ariana.

Resurrection as Amihan's Reincarnation

After the Etherians left, the other women from the tribe, including the Babaylan approached Ariana's body. Knowing that she already passed away moments ago, they kneeled to her body and prayed to the Bathalang Emre to bless her Ivtre (soul) and guide her body on the way to Devas. As they prayed, a soul suddenly arrived to Encantadia and traveled to the Land of the Punjabwes. It was the former Hara of Lireo, Hara Amihan's Ivtre, who made a choice of going back to Encantadia by eating a fruit in the Mother of the Tree of Life, in exchange for her past memories and skills as a Diwata and a Sang'gre. Moments later, Amihan's soul finally reached Ariana's dead body and unites with it, giving the Punjabwean another life, and opening her eyes to be one with the living again. Ariana is now the new 'Sarkosi', or the reincarnation of Hara Amihan.

The women next to her, as well as the Babaylan were frightened and surprised to see that Ariana was alive. Even Ariana herself cannot figure out what happened to her. She asked about it, and the priestess told her that somehow, she was once again resurrected by the Bathala. The Babaylan then prayed in thanks to Emre, while the other women knelt before her. Felt that this was not necessary, Ariana commanded them to stand up and asked to tend to her wounds, for it would kill her, but the Babaylan replied that she already died after being stabbed earlier, so it is impossible for her to die again. Ariana was then told that not everyone experience these kinds of events in someone's life, and therefore she must become a Babaylan, for she now possess an extraordinary power.

Being Chosen as the new keeper of the Air Gem

As they were talking about Ariana being converted into a Babaylan, a blue light flashes before their eyes. It was the symbol of the Brilyante ng Hangin, who has finally chosen who will be its next keeper. Marveled by what was happening, the priestess of the Punjabwes declared that it is not an ordinary day, for many miracles and strange events that had happened. The symbol then slowly approached Ariana, who in turn, tried to drive it away after being frightened for she do not know what it might do to her. Suddenly, the symbol of the Brilyante went straight to Ariana and passed to her left arm. Shouting in pain, the symbol also made a mark on her, finally choosing her as the next keeper of the Brilyante ng Hangin.

As she looked into the symbol that made a mark on her arm, Ariana wondered what might it means. She asked the Babaylan about it, but even do not know what is the reason for that symbol to make her way through her. She then advised Ariana to make her way to the land of the Diwatas, Lireo to find out more about this and what will it do to her. However, she refused, for she will not go there until she saves her brother Azulan and the other Punjabwe men that were captured by the Etherians.

Saving Azulan

Determined, Ariana eventually decided to follow the enemies and the captives to the forest. Before leaving the Land of the Punjabwes, she asked the others on who will accompany her to come and fight the Etherians. The women of Punjabwe however declined, for they have no match against their power. She then returned to her home and wore her armor, acquired a shooting weapon that was made by her brother, and proceeded to make her way to search for the Etherians. As she left, the Babaylan declared to the others that Ariana might break the tradition of being the first woman warrior of their tribe.

As she traveled through the forest, Ariana finally found Azulan, along with Manik and the other Punjabwe men, struggling to escape. She then saw her brother, about to be killed by Hera Andora, so she used her weapon to fire a shot that would distract the Heran and LilaSari, allowing Azulan to escape his captors. Andora saw her, and the Heran was very surprised that Ariana was alive because she was certain that she stabbed her fatally.

Ariana was still tending to her brother when they were once again caught by the two Etherian women. Andora and LilaSari was about to finally finish them off when a sword blocked their way. It was Sang'gre Alena, who was coincidentally on her way back to Lireo, and used the power of her Brilyante to defend the two Punjabwes against their enemies. Ariana was curious on who is this Encantada, and they stared at each other, realizing that they somehow have a connection between them. Alena then commanded them to escape and leave their troubles to her.

Ariana and Azulan finally made their escape, however, she once again gazed at the Sang'gre, who is currently in trouble after being put in to Andora's power. She then asked her brother to help the Diwata, and Azulan fired another shot to distract the Heran, causing her to lose control over Alena. After driving LilaSari and Andora away, Sang'gre Alena once again locked eyes with Ariana, wondering who that Encantada might be. Afterwards, Azulan and Ariana made their way in the forest and finally escaped.

Journey to Lireo

The night came, and Ariana and her brother eventually got away from the Etherians. After traveling throughout the forest for a very long time, they decided to rest for a while in order for Ariana to treat Azulan's wound. As she did it, her brother still cannot believe that she was alive. He then asked his sister on how did this happened, for she had no sign of life the moment they left her. Ariana replied that even herself and the others cannot believe what had happened. She only felt that something occupied her body, making her breathe again. Ariana also told her brother about the symbol went through her and made a mark on her arm. After observing it, Azulan asked her again on how did she found the guts to attack the enemies. Ariana said that she just had the feeling that she had to do it in some way.

Ariana also inquired about the Diwata that they encountered earlier to help them, for which Azulan speculated that she might be one of the Sang'gres of Lireo, the leaders of the land. Suddenly, Ariana felt the happiness to what her brother had said, but Azulan thought otherwise. He told his sister not to be happy with the Diwatas, because in his opinion, unlike men, they are not fit to rule a kingdom. After deciding which way to go, Azulan proceeded to accompany Ariana to continue their travel to Lireo, despite he hates asking help to the kingdom.

Meeting Rama Ybrahim and Arrival to the Palace of the Diwatas

As they continued their journey, they finally reached Lireo. Near the palace, Ariana expressed her happiness as she looked at it, while Azulan explained to her how the Diwatas lead their kingdom, for in his opinion, he disagrees. His sister then told him that it may sound weird, but she thought that she had already seen this palace before. Wondering, Azulan replied that how could this happen, since Ariana has not left the Land of the Punjabwes before. However, she insisted it, while Azulan in turn, said that she maybe just saw it in her dreams, that is why it is familiar to her. After gazing on it one more time, Ariana and her brother continued on their way.

Upon reaching the palace gates of Lireo, Ariana and Azulan were stopped by the Lirean soldiers, asking them what is their purpose of coming. They then told a report about the attack of the unknown invaders in the Land of the Punjabwes. Not far away from them, Asval and his group of New Etherians were watching, and was planning to capture more Encantados for their new army. Feeling that they are going to be in trouble because of the two Punjabweans, they decided to attack and kill them all. As the enemies fought the soldiers, Ariana was instructed by Azulan to hide while he helps them defend Lireo. The Lireans were unmatched compared to the force of the Etherians, to which they have the upper hand. Afterwards, an Etherian (Bandido) approached Ariana and about to attack her, but she was saved by Rama Ybrahim, who arrived with his Sapiryan soldiers to fight alongside the other Lirean soldiers. After defeating the enemy, she was then asked by the king to stay away so she does not get hurt. Ybrahim then fought Asval, who also seen him as well. Ariana, feeling that she could also give some help to the others, took a sword from a defeated Etherian and used it to defend herself from two other enemies. Ybrahim then noticed Ariana, and how she killed the Etherians using her swordfighting skills. The Rama became more surprised when Ariana did a move that closely resembles to someone he knew. He then remembered that it was one of her beloved Amihan's skills as a warrior. As more reinforcements came from Lireo, the Etherians were now outnu

Ariana shows the mark of the Brilyante ng Hangin.

mbered and decided to finally retreat from the battle.

As soon at it was over, Azulan also saw what Ariana did, and he asked his younger sister how she did it. Before she could answer, they were then asked by the Mashna of Lireo, Muros to introduce themselves and approach the Rama, whom they have not recognized at first. They said their thanks and and apologized for what they have thought of Ybrahim. The Rama then asked Ariana how did she learn to use a weapon, for her Mashna-de Mayca have known that women from Punjabwe are not allowed to use or even hold one. She explained to them that even she, cannot believe it and that she did not learn this skill from anyone. All of them became curious, but Rama Ybrahim thought of another reason for her to be able to fight. Ariana was then asked about the symbol in her arm, for which she showed it to them. They recognized it as the symbol of the Brilyante ng Hangin. As soon as Ybrahim saw it, Ariana and Azulan were invited by the Rama to the palace of Lireo to meet the Sang'gres.

As they gathered their wounded men, Ybrahim stood far away from them. After seeing his wound earlier, Ariana offered the Rama of Sapiro to help him treat the wound on his face. As she was doing it with a smile, Ybrahim looked at her eyes and suddenly held her hand. He remembered something again; about how Amihan held his face when she was alive to show her love and affection to him. As he goes back to reality, he became uncomfortable and took Ariana's hand off his face, thanking him and saying that he can already take care of himself. Bowing in respect, Ariana moved away from Rama Ybrahim and returned to her brother, and with a curious gaze, she looked at the Rama who was also locking eyes with her as well.

Moments later, Ariana, including his brother and the soldiers that rescued them, have finally arrived in the palace. As she looked all over the throne room, she felt more happiness within her. Her brother however, disagreed, because he felt shame for himself and for the whole tribe of Punjabwe, for there cannot be a comparison to how the Diwatas and the Punjabweans live. Afterwards, the Haras of Lireo and Hathoria, along with Sang'gre Alena arrived in the hall. After the bad introductions between the Diwatas and her brother, Ariana apologized to what her brother had said, explaining that he was only concerned for the people of Punjabwe. Alena accepted it, who also remembered their encounter in the forest before. She was then asked what her name is, to which Ybrahim answered. The Rama also informed to them that she also has a mark on her shoulder and he asked Ariana to show it to everyone. As she removes the band that covers the symbol of the Brilyante ng Hangin, it glew around them and moved away from Ariana's arm, returning to Nunong Imaw's hand and vanished. She was then welcomed by the Adamyan chief to Lireo and declared her as one of the five new keepers of the five Brilyantes.

Feeling Unwanted in Lireo

Despite her being chosen as one of the next keepers, Ariana's mind is still not set for the duty she was given to her. She became bothered, and asked everyone in the throne room that how could this happen, since she was only a Punjabwean woman. Hara Pirena also questioned the symbols' decision, because unlike Ariana, her daughter Mira and her niece Lira were more worthy to be keepers, since they are the Sang'gres. Azulan talked back in her sister's defense, and as they argued, both of them were calmed down by Alena and Hara Danaya, who promised the Punjabwean that despite the words she heard from them, they will always be welcomed in Lireo. However, Ariana's question was never answered, but Nunong Imaw asked her to come with him as they go to their new chambers to explain everything to both of them.


Manik prevents Ariana from seeing Rama Ybrahim.

Training as One of the Next Keepers


Ariana in the feast celebration.

Rehav Manik's Return and Plot to Kill the New Keepers


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Encantadia Teaser Ep

Encantadia Teaser Ep. 162- Ang mga Punjabwe

A brief appearance of Ariana, in the teaser of Balik Encantadia.

Encantadia- Si Ariana at ang Ivtre ni Amihan

Encantadia- Si Ariana at ang Ivtre ni Amihan

Encantadia Teaser Ep

Encantadia Teaser Ep. 163- Ang hagupit ni Avria

A brief appearance of Ariana, in the teaser of Nakatakda.

Encantadia Teaser Ep

Encantadia Teaser Ep. 164- Ang pinili ng ivtre ni Amihan

A scene of Ariana and Azulan, in the teaser of Balak.

Encantadia- Si Amihan sa katawan ni Ariana

Encantadia- Si Amihan sa katawan ni Ariana

A scene of Ariana and Azulan, in the episode, Pakiramdam.

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