Armeo is a minor character from the Philippine fantasy series Encantadia produced by GMA Network. Armeo was the king of Sapiro before its downfall during the war between Sapiro and Hathoria. He was also the keeper of the Brilyante ng Lupa.


Armeo is the King of Sapiro at the beginning of the series. He is the husband of Queen Asnara and the father of Prince Ybrahim.


Appearance and Outfits


The four gems Arc


Armeo receives the Brilyante ng Lupa.

Armeo received the Brilyante ng Lupa from Cassiopea and became its keeper. After the

Arvak mortally wounds Armeo.

downfall of Adamya, Armeo is aware that the Hathors will target Sapiro next. He prepared his troops for battle and asked the assistance of Lireo because their soldiers are outnumbered. When the battle began, Armeo faced Arvak. Arvak managed to mortally wound Armeo. Arvak demanded Armeo to bring out the Brilyante ng Lupa and heal himself but Armeo refused. Raquim appeared and fought with Arvak. After Arvak was killed, Armeo
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Armeo appears to Ybarro

was already at the verge of death. He handed the Brilyante ng Lupa to Raquim and asked him to protect his wife and son before passing away.

Ybrahim Arc

A long time has passed and his son Ybarro started seeking the truth about his identity. Upon returning to Sapiro, a secret chamber opens and Armeo appears to Ybarro.

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