Avisala, Love Until the End : Pilot is the 1st/Pilot episode of Encantadia: Pag-Ibig Hanggang Wakas produced by GMA Network. It starts the Third Book and Chapter 1.



The Sang'gres with Ybrahim and Cassandra came back from the past, Etheria has vanished once again and a year has past since then.

(Ang mga Sang'gre kasama sina Ybrahim at Cassandra ay nakabalik na mula sa nakaraan, ang kaharian ng Etheria ay muling naglaho at isang taon na ang nakalilipas.)

Book 3, Chapter 1: The Warning of Ynang Reyna

(Ikatlong Aklat, Kabanata 1: Ang Babala ni Ynang Reyna)

An airship full of entertainers in front of the Sapiryan Castle. As Ybrahim stepped out of the castle and goes towards the airship, he calls Muros and asks why there is an airship that landed in Sapiro. Muros tells him that the airship is the Bahaghari, troops of entertainers are aboard in it. Ybrahim then asks where Queen Danaya is, and then Apek and Wantuk approach Ybrahim and welcomes him with a hug. Queen Danaya and Sang'gre Pirena then arrive, Pirena jokingly says that Apek and Wantuk hasn't changed a bit. Ybrahim welcomes Danaya and Pirena. Danaya tells him that he has many guests in Sapiro, Ybrahim says that that is a good thing for this day is the most important celebration in Sapiro, because in a few hours all will see the newly born princess. Pirena asks where their sister, Alena is at. Ybrahim tells her that she is probably in her room with their child and tells them to wait for he will fetch Alena and get ready for the celebration. Danaya and Pirena look at the surrounding, Danaya says that the celebration is very festive and Pirena says that peace may have truly reigned throughout Encantadia.

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