Hello Sang'gres is the 8th episode of the Telefantasya, Encantadia. This episode premiered on July 27, 2016 and is one chapter long. The official hashtag for this episode is #AvisalaMgaSanggre‬.


Kabanata 19: Ang tunay na katauhan ni Pirena

Title translation: Chapter 11: The true identity of Pirena

Amihan was welcomed by her Sisters Alena, Danaya and Pirena, who at first didn’t acknowledge her as one of them only to humbly accept her after Mine-a told her that her love towards her will not be less even though Amihan’s with them. Amihan learned from Alena that when they grow up, one of them will succeed Mine-a as Queen that’s why she is acting such, that’s why Pirena look at them as rivals. Mine-a, upon hearing Amihan that she wanted to be Queen to avenge her father’s death, told Amihan that fighting is not the answer.

After showing kindness towards her Sisters, Gurna reminded Pirena that Mine-a loves Amihan more than her and that Amihan might be the next Queen, as evident when Raquim was taken by the butterflies to Devas. After bidding farewell to her father Raquim, Pirena showed her real attitude towards Amihan, telling her that she is worthy to be the next queen.

Meanwhile, in Hathoria, Hagorn celebrates the death of Raquim, only to learn from Gurna that they only killed Raquim and not Amihan. Imaw, revealed that a Queen cannot marry but she has the right to have different children from different Encantado, so that Lireo can have different heirs. While Ades & the Sang’gres were walking through the forest (to which Aquil is not informed), the Hathorians surprised them. He then orders Agane, who was choking Pirena, to let go of her after Ades told him if he has the capability of hurting Mine-a’s eldest, bothering him. Hagorn revealed to a confused Agane, that Pirena is her daughter to Mine-a, when they were fixed to be married, only for it to be broken when Minea choose to become a Queen. That’s why he prefer Pirena to be Mine-a’s successor, doing what it takes to get rid of Amihan.

After Mine-a allows her daughters to use weapons to fight, Aquil trained them, much to the subtleness of Danaya and Alena. The episode concludes with the Sang’gres escaping Aquil via teleport, running together until they appear to be grown up.

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