LilaSari's return to their camp in Ayleb.

Ayleb is a fictional place in the GMA Telefantasya series, Encantadia. Ayleb is a town that can be found in the northern part of Lireo. Adhara's camp was away from the town, in the wilderness.


Ayleb is also where Adhara, LilaSari, and the other prisoners who escaped from Carcero stayed. This is where Adhara formed the Rebel group of escaped prisoners.

When Adhara died for the second time, her grave was placed not far from their camp.

When Hagorn asked for LilaSari's hand in marriage, she refused. This made Hagorn angry and used the brilyantes to destroy most of their tents, Hagorn threatens LilaSari that if she refuses again, he will kill everyone there. So, LilaSari had no choice but to accept. When they got married, LilaSari went with Hagorn to Lireo and brought with her Myaca, Kaizan, and Hitano.

When Amihan and the resistance claimed back Lireo, LilaSari and the others went back to their camp which now has bigger tents.


Hagorn with a small group of Hathors about to ambush the camp.


Encantadia- Ang muling pagsilang kay Lilasari

Encantadia- Ang muling pagsilang kay Lilasari

The first step of revenge of the escaped rebel prisoners led by Adhara.