Banak and Nakba are fictional characters from the Filipino telefantasyas -Encantadia, Etheria, and Encantadia: Pag-ibig Hanggang Wakas. Banak and Nakba were previously Sapiryans but turned into Adamyans by Ether (the goddess of Etheria).

Filipino actors Mike "Pekto" Nacua & Rainier Castillo plays the roles of Banak and Nakba in Etheria and at Encantadia and Pag-ibig Hanggang Wakas they were played by Boyet Dawal and Retchie Albarida.

Their names comes from the Filipino word "Kampana" meaning bells (They have bell-shaped helmets).

Character background


The Adamyans and Alena

Banak and Nakba are denizens of Adamya who are usually confused with locations. They battle together usually as bait for Hathors until they can find a spot for their trap.

The two small denizens has a deep past in Etheria. Banak does not know his father and mother. He will be a friend to the Sang’gres once they go back to the past. He is in possession of a hammer that could make very sharp swords but he does not know how to use it. He will make Raquim’s sword that will be inherited later on by his daughter, Amihan. He is skilled in battle and sword handling. Nakba was once a Sapiryan Mandirigma. He is the son of a Sapiryan soldier and a Sapiryan from Adjantao – but his parents died early so he was orphaned at such a young age. He lives with his best friend Banak. He brags about his extensive knowledge on magic but he only says this to fool others and steal their gold. He makes his living by stealing from others. He likes to brag about his skill in sword handling but this too is something he just made up.

Encantadia 17

Banak and Nakba celebrating as they defeat a Hathor

They were once thieves who helped in the war against Etheria and were punished by Ether to become Adamyans. They are usually found in Lireo and Adamya along with the other Adamyan Denizens but they also like to go to the Mandirigma's camp aswell. They were the creatures that found out that Alena was alive. They helped alongside the Diwatas in fighting the Hathor in the war. They escaped Lireo and went to Adamya. When Alena took the weak Amihan to Adamya, Banak and Nakba were the ones that took care of the fallen queen. They later went on to stay on the Mandirigma's camp where the surviving Diwatas and Mandirigmas hid.



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