Brilyante ng Hangin is one of the four elemental gems manifesting the element of air.

2016 - 2017 series

Abilities granted to its Keeper:

So far, the known abilities that the gem grants its keeper are:

  • Aerial Bolts - the gem grants its possessor the ability to create energy bolts and projectiles.
  • Aerokinesis - abilty to create, control and manipulate the air and wind.
  • Asphyxiation - power of suffocating someone. Mine-a used it to Adhara by suffocating and cursing her soul to be sent to Balaak. This granted ability is frequently used against Gurna.
  • Clairvoyance - ability to see anything that is not physically present, such as objects, animals or people. Amihan saw the ivtre (enchan word for soul) of Adhara as the air does not keep secret from the owner of this gem, according to Arde.
  • Extinguishing - the ability to put out a fire.
  • Levitation - rising of a body into the air by mystical means. Amihan used the power to levitate a hathor.
  • Avian Manipulation - ability to control and manipulate the birds. Amihan used this ability to locate Lira through the help of birds.
  • Air Shield - The ability create shields out of air. Amihan used this granted ability to deflect the petrification ability of LilaSari. This was also used when Amihan surpassed the car that threatened Lira (Mira)'s life in the mortal world.
  • Flight - power to fly without any outside influence. Amihan was seen using this ability as she was floating in the air while finding Lira.
  • Emphatic Air Manipulation - ability to manipulate air through emotion. Amihan used this granted ability to let Lira know what she really feels for her.
  • Tornado Creation - power to create tornadoes and whirlwinds. Amihan used this ability against Hagorn's camp.
  • Mist Generation - ability to condense moisture in the air to form a dense mist. Amihan used this ability to protect not only herself but her forces from LilaSari's gaze when they attempted to retake the Brilyante ng Tubig.
  • Frostbite - The ability to freeze another's body to induce rigor mortis in an organism. Amihan used the gem to freeze the Kambal Diwa of the Ikalimang Brilyante and enclose him in an ice.
  • Breathing check- The ability to know if a person is still alive by checking if they still breathe. Amihan used this ability to detect if the Lirean soldiers are still alive.

Timeline of the Gem's keepers


The Brilyante ng Hangin was first kept by Cassiopea after she divided the Mother Gem.


The Brilyante ng Hangin was entrusted to Mine-a by Cassiopea as a share of the diwatas of the Mother Gem. The gem was first seen being used by Mine-a against Adhara. She commanded the gem to take away the air flowing in the entire body of
Screenshot 2017-04-02-00-43-26

Mine-a as the keeper of the Brilyante ng Hangin.

Adhara killing her and sends her to Balaak. Mine-a also used the gem along with the other three gems to curse the Hathors. When not in Mine-a's possession, Mine-a would keep the gem in a guarded chamber along with the other three gems. Pirena tried to take the gem away but it vanished, showing that the gem has a sense of security. 

Lireo's Queen Minea, the first keeper of the Gem of Air


After the Gem of Fire was stolen, Mine-a decided it is best if she entrusts a gem to each of her daughters for safekeeping. Mine-a entrusted the gem of their race, which is the Gem of Air to her second-born daughter, Amihan, who later became queen. Amihan used it mainly for battle purposes and locating people. She held it unto her possession until her final moments. Because a gem cannot die with their current keeper, Amihan passes its ownership to Danaya to prevent causing casualty.


Amihan lets go of the gem before her death.


Before Amihan faces Hagorn, she commanded her Brilyante ng Hangin to be with Danaya in the case that she would die. Danaya obtained the gem upon the death of Amihan. Although Amihan granted Danaya the ownership of the gem in her last will, Danaya never took it into her possession ever since the war.


Danaya obtains the Brilyante ng Hangin.


Ybrahim became the gem's keeper for a while. As they needed someone to keep the gem for the time being. Ybrahim first kept it when they went to confer judgment to Cassiopea and he kept it once more to aid in the battle against Etheria.



Avria took the gem with her under the disguise of Danaya.

Through the Brilyante ng Diwa, the gem was able to let itself be easily taken by Avria who switched forms with Danaya. Avria used it against the Diwatas, used it to easily get soldiers from the past, put out the fire Pirena had caused to the castle of Etheria and heal herself.



Hagorn came into the possession of the gem after Avria was being sucked by the portal of time. He offered to spare her in exchange that she surrender the gems. Avria willingly obliged unaware that Hagorn has no plans of saving her.


Hagorn recognizes Amihan had been reincarnated in Ariana and proudly shows her the gems she once kept. Ariana commands the gems to return to her to which they did.


Ariana (Amihan) passes on the gems to Ybrahim before dying for the second time.

2005-2006 series

Abilities granted to its owner

The gem grants its owner with the power to control the air and wind. If the beholder already has this power, its owner's strength is heightened and diversified, enabling the person to control the air, wind and coldness. In this sense, the beholder can change air currents, conjure oxygen in areas without it and transform into the air itself. This gem is sometimes used to send messages to other people. The gem can also be employed in detecting the presence of nearby beings by tracing the sound of their breaths. Amihan used this power twice: first, to find Alena after the latter gave birth to Kahlil and second, to confirm the safety of Cassandra who ventured out with Wahid, Apek, and Wantuk to Devas.

Timeline of the Gem's keepers


The Brilyante ng Hangin was first kept by the Diwatas when their Queen Cassiopea divided the Brilyante ng mga Elemento though, she got banished from Lireo.


The Gem was given under the care of Mine-a, the queen of Lireo at that time.


When Pirena had successfully stolen the Gem of Fire, Mine-a realized it is no longer safe to leave the other gems in the sealed room. Thus, she entrusted this to Amihan. Amihan never lost possession of the gem ever since she became its keeper. Amihan used it often to locate the whereabouts of people. By the end of Book 3, Amihan has said to have vanished along with her sisters but the condition of Encantadia remains stable. It remains unknown if she had passed the gem to another keeper.


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