The Volcano of Lavanea as it appeared in the 2005 series.

The Volcano of Lavanea is an extinct Volcano in Encantadia. It has not erupted ever since until Hagorn used the Brilyante ng Apoy in order to make it erupt once again.

The volcano is home to dangerous flying pashneas and a diwata named Lavanea who serves as its guardian and has the power to make it erupt. It also became the keepsafe of Mira when Hagorn held her in captive. Mira bargained with Lavanea in order to be free from being imprisoned. Lavanea took the essence of Mira's heart in exchange which caused Pirena and Alena to pursue her.



The Mouth of the Volcano

The Volcano of Lavanea is an active volcano in Encantadia. It is considered as the most dangerous territory in Encantadia since it shoots boiling magma everywhere. In it's left and right is its mountains that are home to the flying serpents known as Yesh'ra, Yabiti. Sometimes, Lavanea is infested by the Yesh'ras. The Bandidos' territory is just in the outskirts of Lavanea.

Unlike in 2005, the Volcano isn't said to have a guardian.

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