Cassandra is a fictional character from the Filipino fantasy television series Encantadia produced by GMA Network. She is produced by Cassiopea from her own blood, the strands of Lira's hair, and Amihan's ashes. She was referred to as Cassiopea as the Hope of the Diwatas who would eventually be Ybrahim's successor as Ruler of Sapiro.


When Cassiopea went to the room where Wahid, Gilas, Lira, and Mira's bodies were being kept she went to Lira's body to get strands of her hair. Cassiopea probably would have created Cassandra earlier if she didn't get busy with retrieving Devas.

Cassiopea, upon becoming a Bathaluman, created Cassandra using her own blood, Lira's hair, and Amihan's ashes. She was presented to Ybrahim and Lira in Sapiro (events after Alena's coronation and the revelation of Lilasari's true identity) and told them how she made the child which they will call Cassandra to be groomed as Ybrahim's successor.

After Pirena, Danaya, and Alena's children were born they later grew up with Cassandra and were groomed to be ready at any time they would have to save the land of Encantadia.

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