Demetria is a mentioned character in the sequel to the highly rated Encantadia, Etheria. She is a diwata that became the queen of Lireo. She is the successor of Ursula and predecessor of Minea.


Demetria’s name was mentioned by Mine-a in the finale of Etheria. She told Raquim that Emre told her that Queen Demetria is terribly ill and will die soon that is why she (Mine-a) will replace her and become the next Queen of Lireo. Raquim asked why the Queens of Lireo kept on becoming sick and later die, like the case of Queen Ursula. Evades appeared and told him that it is because Ursula and Demetria don’t have a mark on their back unlike Cassiopea and Mine-a which is why they are not worthy of the throne and become sick and die.


  • Demetria was mentioned at the last episode of Etheria by Mine-a.
  • Demetria and Ursula's reigns are both the shortest reigns as they are not worthy of the throne because they’re not from Royal Blood.
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