Deshna or Luna is a character from the Philippine fantasy series Encantadia, which is produced by GMA Network .


Diwani Deshna/Luna is the offspring of Hagorn and LilaSari. She is conceived at some point when LilaSari is still in good terms with Hagorn. Her real name is Deshna which is later changed to Luna (which means given by fate) when she was formally adopted by the Nymfas.



Deshna was born in Ayleb. LilaSari gave her this name because it means "brave successor/matapang na tagapagmana". Hitano checked whether she had a Sang'gre mark. Instead, she is known to have an unknown mark on her back, that has not been shown in the episodes.

When Alena saw Deshna, she asked LilaSari to think about giving the Brilyante ng Tubig to her or else she would tell Hagorn about it, as Hagorn does not know about Deshna yet. At first, LilaSari plans to not to give Alena the Brilyante ng Tubig. After much persuation from Hitano, she agrees to give it to Alena.

LilaSari's mindset of life has been changed due to Deshna. She wants to live a peaceful life with Hitano and Deshna.

Agane finding out about Deshna

When Agane and a small group of Hathorian soliders were looking for LilaSari, Agane found a shiny dark brown silk cloth. She showed it to Hagorn when they got back to Hathoria. She assumed that LilaSari had a child. This led to Hagorn planning to find Deshna.

In the Human World

In Saklolo, it is shown that Hitano, LilaSari and Deshna have arrived in the Human World.

In Pagkanulo, Hitano was about to leave for work then he hears the Barangay officials talking about a "demon" (Hagorn) killing a citizen, Deshna at first is shown to be in the hands of her mother. Before LilaSari was slain by her (Deshna's) father, Hagorn. Hagorn takes her from LilaSari. Hagorn says that Deshna will be the next successor of Hathoria.

In Hathoria

Agane and Gurna finds out that Hagorn has returned they told him that the imprisoned diwatas have escaped, Hagorn with a cool head says that it's alright for he doesn't need them anymore all he needs is right in his hands. He then turns around and shows Deshna to the both of them.

Deshna's Fate

Deshna and Hagorn

Hagorn and Deshna witnessing the fall of Lireo, according to Cassiopiea's vision.

Cassiopea foresees in her eyes destruction and havoc happening to Lireo and Sapiro, lightning, thunders and darkness envelops Encantadia. Then, we see Hagorn and a grown up Deshna watching over at a cliff the kingdoms getting destroyed, Cassiopea ends the vision with "Mangyayayari na..." (It will happen...).

Deshna being kidnapped

Agane kidnaps Deshna

Agane takes Deshna to the forest

Back in Hathoria, the guards guarding Deshna in her room was suddenly attacked by an unknown person in a black cloak. The mystery person takes Deshna far from the castle to the forest, it is revealed that it was Agane for she doesn't want Pirena nor Mira nor Deshna to be Hagorn's succesor she wants herself to be the successor because she is more worthy to be queen since she is Hagorn's half-sister and is the closest relative to the King. So Agane summons a Hathorian Dragon and orders him to take Deshna as far away as possible and let her own destiny decide if she will remain alive or not.

Deshna found in the Land of the Nymfas

Cassiopea's New Vision

When Cassiopea and Alena went back to the Land of the Nymfas to return Deshna to Helgad, Cassiopea saw in a vision Helgad teaching Deshna to grow up a kindhearted and smart girl. The latter was seen helping Diwatas who were attacked by Hathors, after the vision, Alena blessed Deshna.

Renamed as Luna

Deshna is baptised by the ancestor of the Nymfas as one of them. The head asked if Helgad would like to call her by her given name or give her a new one. Helgad chose to give her a new name because her name isn't similar to theirs and so she gave her the name Luna meaning, she is given to them so that they are protected.

Questioning her true identity

Her first visit to Lireo

Being the new keeper of the Brilyante ng Apoy

Finding out about Helgad's death

Journey to Lireo, the second time

Set to find out where the people who killed her "mother", Helgad, she goes to Hathoria with Quiina and Gilas, only to find out from the guards guarding the entrance of Hathoria that the Hathorians have sided with Queen Pirena. The past Hathorians that sided with the former King Hagorn are dead. Quiina agreed with this as she hasn't seen an Hathorian army that raided the Land of the Nymfas. One of the soliders told her to go to Lireo, where they will find answers from the Diwatas and their queen is fighting against a large enemy.


Deshna with the Mark of the Brilyante ng Apoy

The new keeper of the Brilyante ng Apoy and her stay in Lireo

To Be Added

Knowing the other new keepers of the Brilyantes


Deshna in Lireo.

Training with Muros

Rehav Manik's sudden attack

The Tragedy in the Island


Deshna in the epilogue.



  • Deshna does not have a Sang'gre mark. Hitano is shown to be unsure on what is the mark on Deshna's back.
  • Deshna is born in Pagdating (Episode 106) of the 2016 series.
  • Deshna's name means tough successor / matapang na tagapagmana.
  • The name Helgad gave Deshna, which is Luna, means that she was given to them by destiny/fate
  • According to Sir Noel Flores, the lead visual designer of Encantadia 2016, the story of Encantadia would continue with most of the new guardians still alive, including Deshna. Her character would eventually be the keeper of the Water Gem. Her maturity after the last war against the overlord, Hagorn and the Bathalumang Ether would pave the way of her being the governor or regent of Adamya. Though her lineage is from Sapiro (Lilasari) and from Hathoria (Hagorn), she would choose to safeguard the Adamyan territory since she has known Adamya as her first home.

    An unused alternate design for Deshna.


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Encantadia Teaser Ep

Encantadia Teaser Ep. 150- Avisala, Deshna

A teaser of Avisala Luna, featuring teenage Deshna / Luna. This also promotes the actress playing the character.

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