Encantadia: The Second Saga was supposed to be a Philippine television fantasy drama series in 2010. It is introduced by GMA Telefantasya as the fourth installment of the Encantadia-Mulawin franchise. However, this supposedly upcoming project got scrapped in 2012.

According to Sir Noel, they had planned this sequel in 2009 as a revival of Encantadia. It is about the second and third generations of Sang’gres or Diwatas. The main villain was supposed to be the Bathalumang Arde with his army of ancient winged beings known as Harkon.


Encantadia The Second Saga 2010 Teaser

Encantadia The Second Saga 2010 Teaser

Teaser for “The Second Saga” in 2010.

In November 2009, GMA Network formally announced that they are returning Encantadia back to the television with Suzette Doctolero and Mark A. Reyes as the writer and director, respectively. An official teaser shown during the 2009 Metro Manila Film Festival was attached to GMA Films' Ang Panday.

"This 2010, GMA-7 Kapuso Network is bringing back one of its ground breaking fantaseries, Encantadia, now with the working title Encantadia: The Second Saga. It is the fourth installment of the popular Encantadia aired in 2005. Encantadia's strong cult following will definitely be re-awakened with this treat. It just started as a spin-off to Mulawin, but Encantadia became a huge hit in Mega Manila that it was extended to its second book entitled “Etheria” and extended even further with its third book “Encantadia: Pag-ibig Hanggang Wakas”."

Avid followers of Encantadia expected that Encantadia will be back with a more exciting story and amazing special effects. According to Direk Mark Reyes, this installment was slated to air June 6, 2010 but was not pushed through. Atty. Felipe Gozon, current Chairman and CEO of GMA Network pushed it back for 2012, but got scrapped.

Plot Synopsis

Encantadia: The Second Saga depicts the story hundreds of years after the disappearance of the three Sang’gres in the epilogue of the Book 3 finale, in the timeline where Queen Armea, Arman and Queen Cassandra continue Encantadia’s history. The sudden disappearance of the three Sang’gres Pirena, Amihan, and Danaya from the realm is because they have been called to rest and unite with their sister Alena, mother Mine-a, and all their deceased loved ones in Devas. Their elemental gems are hidden and kept, safely guarded in separate places; the Brilyante ng Apoy is kept in Sang’gre Pirena’s volcano altar in Hathoria which was built by the gem itself, the Brilyante ng Hangin is kept in a gigantic statue of Sang’gre Amihan up high in the mountains of Lireo which is also said to be the location of Amihan’s tomb, the Brilyante ng Lupa is kept in a tree dedicated to Sang’gre Danaya in Adamya, while Sang’gre Alena’s Brilyante ng Tubig is still kept by her daughter Queen Armea.

Arde, who turned his back on his brother Emre in Devas and has gone rogue after his beloved Ether’s death in the hands of the Champions of Encantadia, arrives as a threat to the enchanted land. He has took possession of the four elemental gems and has lead an army of Harkons, ancient winged beings during the time before Etheria. A dark cloud will soon cover the kingdom of Devas and later the rest of Encantadia upon the Bathaluma’s return.

After Arde left Devas, an entity was born out of the sky, a white dragon named Khala. Khala was tasked to be the new guardian of Devas. It is said that Khala once used to be a very powerful Diwata seer popularly known as “The Eye”, Cassiopea. The people of Punjabwes who haven’t been seen or heard from ever since Cassandra’s early days as Queen return after hundreds of years now captained by a young woman. Imaw’s age kept up with him and he soon was carried around in his tiny throne by his caretaker, a Gadungan. Imaw is to be replaced soon by a young Adamyan as Head Council of the Ancients. The curse of the Hathors is lifted and their glory is once again restored. They live in the rebuilt kingdom of Hathoria and have fast elevated unto technological weaponry. But now, they will face a threat that will test their race again. The Legendary Olorkas have been resurected, the protectors of the Hathor Royal Blood, they are combat smart and war strategists of Old Hathoria, they have emotions of their own unlike the grunts of Hathoria. It is one of the few signs that Encantadia will be facing the threat of cataclysm, an unstoppable event that will reshape the enchanted world. The Olorka is less than a hundred but one can defeat 10 men in seconds. They are organized into five small tribes to avoid detection, those five tribes represent the five oriental elements (Fire, Wood, Metal, Water, and Earth). They were once allies with the Knights of Hathoria known as the Hadezar during the early ages before Etheria.

As the magical world of Encantadia faces many threats, the descendants of the four elemental Diwata sisters: Pirena, Amihan, Alena, and Danaya continue their legacy and start another epic saga of Encantadia.

Cast and characters


The cast was not revealed but rumors had it that GMA7 princesses Jennylyn Mercado, Rhian Ramos, Jackie Rice and Carla Abellana are being considered as the descendants of the Sang'gres which were originally played by Iza Calzado, Sunshine Dizon, Diana Zubiri and Karylle.


  • Adamyan
  • Armea - daughter of Ybrahim and Alena, Queen of Sapiro.
  • Alipato - Kambal-Diwa of the Brilyante ng Apoy
  • Arde - Harkon Lord, brother of Emre
  • Babaylan - mortal magic users and allies to the Diwatas.
  • Banak
  • Captain of Punjabwes - young girl who captains the Punjabwes.
  • Cassandra - reigning Queen of Lireo and Encantadia.
  • Chi
  • Descendant of Sang’gre Pirena
  • Diwata
  • Draconian Warriors - creation of the Bathaluma Arde. They are grunts invulnerable to fire and ice.
  • Gadungan
  • Griffons
  • Harkon - ancient winged beings who praise the Bathaluma Arde.
  • Hathor
  • Imaw
  • Khala - the new white dragon guardian of Devas, said to be the reincarnation of the powerful Diwata seer, Cassiopea.
  • Mga Ligaw - wayward children from a world where magic doesn’t exist and never grow old.
  • Mulawin
  • Mulawin emissary of the Bathalumang Arde
  • Musang - feline beings.
  • Nakba
  • Olorka
  • “Proposal for the Earth Element” - female Encantada associated to the Earth element; wields a Bushido type of bow.
  • Punjabwe
  • Sang’gre
  • Sapiryan
  • Tree Elves
  • Yang
  • Yin


Costume and design sketches

  • This gallery contains the sketches of Sir Noel for the Encantadia revival project which got cancelled.
    • He says, “They are more like fan art now... But who knows? We may get to see this actualized in the future. I’m probably retired by then.”.


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