Sang'gre Esmeralda is a mentioned character in the Television fantasy series, Encantadia produced by GMA Network.


Esmeralda is the daughter of Demetria, the Third Queen of Lireo. Before she died she had two children, Sang'gre Mine-a and Sang'gre Amihan, however, no one knew about this but Cassiopea.

Since Esmeralda predeceased her mother, Demetria. When the latter died she was alone. Adhara (the niece of Demetria and cousin of Esmeralda) then thought that she is the sole heiress to the throne of Lireo since there is no one else to replace Demetria, until when she was about to touch the queen's crown; it vanished. She then went to Cassiopea, and asked her if she was behind the vanishment of the crown, she did not deny for the crown once was her's and Adhara is not rightful to be the queen since Demetria already has a successor, which is Mine-a, Esmeralda's daughter. Imaw recognized Esmeralda's name and refers to her as the slain daughter of the late queen Demetria. And Cassiopea then reveals that Esmeralda left children, that is why Mine-a is more rightful of the throne because her blood is the same as Demetria's.


  • In the Etheria series, Esmeralda is well-known as the most powerful diwata who have ever lived in Encantadia. In the requel, it wasn't mentioned if she still holds the moniker.
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