The end is the 50th and the final episode of Etheria, it is the 210th episode of the Encantadia 2005 series.

In the past


Cassiopea, Aegen, Meno and Bartimus with Asval and Evades summoned the Brilyante ng mga Elemento and presented it to the Etherians as the weapon they'll use against them. Ybrahim gets a headache upon seeing the gem and falls down to his knees.

Hera Andal

The Herans worry about the Ginintuang Orasan. They know it is currently in the hands of the Diwatas already. Avria tells them not to worry because she will handle it. As Avria left, Odessa touches her stomach. Andora asked Odessa why she was touching her stomach. Odessa's hand suddenly emitted smoke indicating she is pregnant. She was filled with joy and delight as she and Alexus (Ybrahim) finally have a child. Juvila, Arkrey, and Andora watches her as if they knew what would happen.

In the present



  • All the titles of the last episode of the three books of Encantadia 2005 are entitled Ang pagwawakas but in Book 3 the "Ang" is omitted.