Evades is a fictional character from the Philippine telefantasya Etheria, the prequel/sequel to the highly-rated Encantadia series. Evades first appeared in Encantadia with a minor role but his character is expanded in Etheria.

Evades is played by Filipino actor Chinggoy Alonzo.

Character background


Evades appears to Lira and Wahid.

Evades is an Etherian elemental who lives in the forest of Lireo. He is the brother of Barkus, the leader of Hera Sensa, and of Memen, the husband of Queen Avria. Evades helped the fleeing Memen and Ornia escape from the clutches of Avria. He also defended the couple from the Queen's minions when Cassiopea was born. He subsequently took the baby into hiding where he used his powers to accelerate her growth so that she could fulfill her destiny to help save the Diwata race. Evades also became the young Cassiopea's mentor.

Evades is also the guardian of the Tree of Life. He tested Lira's wisdom to discern whether she was worthy of obtaining one of the tree's leaves which could restore a person back to life. He found the young Sang'gre worthy and helped her to breathe life back into Pirena, guardian of the fire gem.


In the third installment of the saga, Encantadia: Pag-ibig Hanggang Wakas, Evades witnessed the killing of Cassiopea by a masked person (later revealed to be Arkrey, the traitorous Sapiryan and Half-brother of Avria) sent by Ether to kill her. He chased after him and sent numerous projectiles at him, but only one hit him. As Evades points his staff at Arkrey, he rolls to his side and stabs Evades. Though Ether only told Arkrey to kill Cassiopea, Evades witnessed her murder which made Arkrey think that he should kill Evades too as he may tell this to the Diwatas.

Powers and Weapons

Special Abilities

  • Elemental Powers - He has the ability to control the earth and other aspects of it.
  • Teleportation - Being royalty in Etheria, he has the ability to teleport.
  • Power Beams - He is capable of creating light green energy balls.
  • Mind Control - He has the ability to control minds.
  • Transmogrification — Evades can shapeshift into any form of animal using his Wooden Staff.


  • Magical Wooden Staff - This staff is Evades' main weapon. It has many abilities including energy blast, Magic, and many more.

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