Galatea is Emre's chief in Devas. Lira refers to her as "San Pedro" (the gatekeeper of heaven). She is portrayed by Cheska Iñigo, who portrays Mayca (later Mashna Mayca of Sapiro) in Encantadia (2016).


When Lira was searching for a way to return to Encantadia, Galatea helped her but she needed to pass the test. Unfortunately, Lira didn't pass so she can't return to Encantadia but with the help of Armeo, Lira was able to return to Encantadia.

Pag-ibig Hanggang Wakas

When Ybrahim died, Galatea explained that it's because Lira went back to Encantadia without the permission of Emre that cost Ybrahim's life. She later accompanied Ybrahim and Alena back to Encantadia to visit Cassandra's coronation.