Wrath of Pirena is the 11th episode of the Philippine fantasy series Encantadia produced by GMA Network. The episode has two chapters. The official hashtag for this episode is #EncantadiaGalitNiPirena.


Kabanata 13: Ang Tawag Ng Kapangyarihan

Title translation: Chapter 13: The Call of Power

Unable to accept her loss and unwilling to give up her challenge to Mine-a, Pirena tried to attack her, only to be stopped by her sisters. Pirena, felt betrayed and cut her ties with her family. Aquil asks Mine-a to tell Pirena the truth about her beginnings but she is still reluctant saying that Pirena will hate herself if she knows the truth. Gurna, on the other hand, told Pirena on how it was appropriate to her to fight her mother, also telling her to grab the Brilyantes to easily fight her mother. And with Gurna’s help, Pirena took the Brilyante ng Apoy from the chamber (after failing to grab the three other Brilyantes). At the same time, Mine-a prays to Emre to enlighten Pirena’s heart. When the soldiers are regaining consciousness, Pirena uses the power of the gem, disguising herself as Aquil. When Muros reported that the Fire Gem is missing, Ades thought that when he met with Aquil, he told him that the 4 gems are still complete. Aquil denied this, saying that he never went to the Chamber the whole time.

Pirena then met with Hagorn at Hathoria, asking him if she can join forces with them, giving them the Fire Gem in return.

Kabanata 14: Ang mga Bagong Tagapangalaga

Title translation: Chapter 14: The New Guardians

With the Hathorians have the Fire Gem once again, a complete darkness covered Encantadia (while at the Adjantao Mountains, a snow storm occurred). Muros ordered everyone to return to their homes, while Mine-a, with no other option, knowing that it will anger the Hathorians even more, entrusted the Earth, Water and Wind Gem to Danaya, Alena & Amihan respectively. Mine-a then crowned Amihan as the new Queen of Lireo and of the whole Encantadia. 

While at Hathoria, Hagorn declares war with the Diwatas.