The Herans of Etheria

Heran/Hera is the term used by Etherians and by Ancient Encantados to refer to royal blooded encantados, it is the term used before the term Sang'gre was used.

Hera/n is also used as a title or honorific for such Etherian royalty, who are addressed as Hera/Heran before their names. Hera/Heran can be used to refer to male or female royalty, sometimes Heran is used to not confuse others when you call the royalty and the tribe he/she's from (e.g. Heran Juvila of Hera Volo).

Known Herans


Herans in Etheria (Book 2).

From Etheria

  • Avria - Queen of Etheria
  • Lip-aya - sister of Avria
  • Arkrey - pretended to be a Sapiryan and joined the soldier unit headed by Asval to serve as a spy for Etheria. He is the half-brother of Queen Avria.
  • Barkus
  • Memen
  • Evades
  • Andora
  • Animus - brother of Andora; his death caused the war in the original history of Encantadia.
  • Cassiopea - fans knew her as the queen of Lireo and that she has pure Diwata blood but many are not aware of her lineage to this tribe where she got most of her powers like telepathy and precognition.
  • As'nan
  • Ora
  • Odessa
  • Arman - he is the son of Odessa and Alexus (Ybrahim), his Heran mark was discovered by Pirena.
  • Cilatus
  • Juvila

From Hathoria

From Sapiro

  • Meno
  • Asval
  • Raquim
  • Ybrahim - when he went to the past to follow the Sang'gres, he encountered Odessa, she used the term Heran to refer to him; Odessa knew he was a royalty from Sapiro because of his armor and because he doesn't remember anything she just assumed he was a Sapiryan Heran.

From Adamya


  • Heran can be used for any royal blooded encantado from any Royal House, at the time when encantados still use the term. It can be used to call a Royalty from Sapiro, in the case of Ybrahim, as Heran from Sapiro. This wasn't used for Royal Diwatas, as the term was no longer used when Lireo was built the new term used was Sang'gre.
  • There are two uses for the term Hera, one that is used as a title (what this page is all about) and the other is used for the names of Etheria's tribes—Hera Andal, Sensa, Volo, and Aega.
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