Hitano is a fictional character in Encantadia, a telefantasya aired in the Philippines by GMA Network. Filipino actor Polo Ravales plays Hitano. Hitano was a Lirean soldier and has deep addiction and affection towards Alena. When he found out that Alena is seeing Ybarro, he joined forces with Hagorn and became a Hathor.


Hitano is a former Lirean Warrior who was deeply inlove with Alena, but Alena didn't love him back.

Encantadia (Book 1)

Hitano killed Ybrahim (Alena's lover), not knowing he has healed himself, causing Alena wanting to kill herself. With the aid of Pirena, Alena's memories were wiped and Hitano took Alena to the mountains of Encantadia where nobody lived, and used the names Berdano and Akesha to start a false life with her, after the Diwatas found out that Alena was alive, Hitano was imprisoned. He escaped and became a Hathor soldier with the help of Pirena and has become the adoptive son of Hagorn and still has a deep affection to Alena even though he is rejected. Hagorn was enraged upon finding out that Kahlil killed Hitano. To stop him from getting angrier, Pirena offered to revive Hitano through the Brilyante ng Apoy's Gabay Diwa, Alipato. Hitano did come back to life but he ended up being a monstrous being full of hatred and feeling no mercy. He also lost his obssession towards Alena. In the final battle between the Hathors and the rest of Encantadia, he regained his memory through his strong love for Alena. He begged forgiveness but died at the hands of Alena.

Etheria (Book 2)

Hitano did not appear in Etheria.

Encantadia: Pag-ibig Hanggang Wakas (Book 3)

Hitano did not appear in Encantadia: Pag-ibig Hanggang Wakas but made a cameo appearance via flashback in the credits of the final episode.



Hitano bargains with Alena.

Hitano's actions are mostly influenced by his feelings for Alena. He was possessive of her despite not having a relationship with her nor having his feelings returned by her. His possessiveness over her has turned his feelings of attraction to obsession wherein he did everything to make Alena his. Hitano wasn't loyal to anyone but exploits the opportunities that allow him to have Alena such as when Pirena took the Brilyante ng Tubig from her but when Alena bargained with him to free Amihan and in exchange he could have her Hitano went great lengths just to free Amihan, needing to put Pirena into sleep just to acquire the Setro ng Reyna and use it to free Amihan knowing his most desired reward is waiting for him after he brings her to Alena. His obsession of Alena was so deep to the extent that he will cause physical harm to her once she disobeys what he wants or mention that Ybarro is the one she loves.


Hitano frees Amihan under the request of Alena.


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