Kaizan is a supporting character from the Philippine fantasy series Encantadia produced by GMA Network.


Kaizan is one of the fugitives of Carcero. She is the younger sister of Sapiro's current general, Mayca.


Debut Appearance

Kaizan first appeared as the opponent chosen by Hafte Lanzu to battle Mayca. Mayca was forced to stab her and luckily, she managed to survive the stab wound.

Escaping with Adhara

Kaizan joins her sister in escaping Carcero along with every prisoner under the leadership of Adhara.

Rama Ybrahim's reign

During Ybrahim's reign as King of Sapiro, Mayca was appointed as General of the Sapiryan Army and Kaizan was appointed as second-in-command.


  • In Paghahangad episode, Muros declared that soldiers of Lireo were shot by Odessa using her arrows and also said that Kaizan plight the same, however, she was at Sapiro that time and had died in Bangis episode because of a stab by an Etherian soldier.


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