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At the Human World

The Lagusang Panghimpapawid (or the Portal in the Sky) is another portal/passageway from the Mortal World to Encantadia or vice-versa. This portal was introduced in the episode Kakayahan. Since this portal is found in the sky, this portal is only used by the Mulawins because no other creature can withstand the intensity of the strong winds in the sky. 


At Encantadia

Encantadia (Book 1)

This portal probably existed in Encantadia (2005) but wasn't explored as the Mulawins were able to cross between worlds without needing the Asnamon Medallion.

Lira and Danaya's Discovery

When Lira and Danaya tried to find a way to go back to Encantadia (without using the Asnamon Tree or Portal of Straying) Danaya called Lakan (by the help of the Mulawin Flute) to help them, Lakan told them that there is another way to go to Encantadia without using the Asnamon Tree or the Straying Portal. While trying to use the portal to go back to Encantadia, Lira faints because of the strong winds, however, Lakan was able to catch Lira and they arrive in Encantadia

This portal is one of the three portals that can be used as a passageway to Encantadia or to the Mortal/Human World, the other portals that can be used is the Asnamon Tree and the Straying Portal.


Mulawin vs. Ravena

The portal was unlocked by the Minokawa when it soared high in the sky to escape Pirena which brought it to Avila. The portal was also used by Almiro, Anya, Pagaspas, Lawiswis and Malik to go to Encantadia (Earth 2). They arrived in Hathoria wherein they were ambushed by the Hathors. Hara Pirena quickly comes to their aid and together, they kill the Hathors.

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  • The Sky Portal has variable locations; as mentioned by Sir Noel Flores in his Behance.
    • First one in the realm of Encantadia is near Lireo (2016) as shown in Encantadia (2016), the other was found near Hathoria (2016) in MVR.
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