Here is a list of all named minor Hathor characters in Encantadia.


  • Arachn- (Aranghe) The mother of Arvak who got slayed by an Etherian prince. She was only briefly mentioned in Etheria.
  • Eldrin - one of the three guards (the other two are Xenos and Marvus) who protected the portal leading to Etheria. He, along with Xenos, was killed by Animus and the Etherian soldiers who came out from the portal.
  • Hadezar — powerful purple ghostly beings who once tried to take the Kabilan from Ybrahim after he unearthed it from the ground. Their only known weakness is the Kabilan and beings from Devas. They were later summoned by Hagorn to serve him. These beings can also scream like banshees to distract their enemies. These beings are believed to come from Balaak.
  • Olarkan — beings similar to Hathors though more strong and powerful. They were summoned by Hagorn to help him win the battle over Lireo, Sapiro and Adamya.
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