Marvus is a minor character in the prequel-sequel to the highly rated Encantadia, Etheria. He was one of the three guardians of the Portal of Time and was played by Filipino actor, Ryan Eigenmann.

Book 1

Marvus was shown in book 1 as one of the three guardians of the portal of time along with Xenos of Sapiro and Eldrin of Hathoria.

Book 2


Marvus was one of the Diwatas helped by Prince Raquim on hiding from the Etherian soldiers during the massive killings of the Diwatas so that Memen and Ornia would surrender. He later led the Diwatas for an uprising against the Etherian and became one of the earlier Lireans when Cassiopea founded the Lireo at the eastern part of Encantadia before the Etherian War.

He led the Diwatas of the newly-founded Lireo in giving reinforcement to the kingdoms of Sapiro, Hathoria, and Adamia and the tribes of Adjantao and Ascano during the Etherian war after Cassiopeia told them to participate in the war.

Guardian of Portal of Time

After the fall of Etheria, Cassiopeia told that there must be three guardians of the Portal of Time to prevent the rebirth of Etheria from the curse of Queen Avria. Evades appointed Marvus to represent Lireo. Prince Arvak and Prince Asval appointed Eldrin and Xenos to represent Hathoria and Sapiro, respectively.

At present time, he informed Cassiopeia about what is happening on the Portal of time. He then brought the four Sang'gres and King Ybrahim to the Portal of Time to fight the spirit of Animus and rescue Cassandra to prevent the rebirth of Etheria. However, they failed to rescue her and Marvus died when the portal exploded.

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