The following have played minor roles in the story of Encantadia (2016 TV series).


The Diwata who had succeeded Cassiopea in ruling Lireo. Not much is known about her because she was only mentioned.


Demetria is the successor of Ursula who ruled Lireo for a long time before dying because of a sickness. She is the mother of Esmeralda.


Esmeralda is briefly mentioned by Cassiopea as the mother of Minea and Amihan. And is mentioned by Imaw and refers to her as the queen's (the queen which is Demetria at that time) slain daughter.


Rael is Enuo's assistant who is often helping him out in the Human World.

Hafte Lanzu

  • Lanzu is played by Maureen Larrazabal

Lanzu is the chief of Carcero who often left her duties to Orthana while she was away because of her negligence and being complacent that Carcero is in good hands, the prisoners managed to free themselves from Carcero.


She is the second highest official in Carcero following Hafte Lanzu. While Lanzu was away, she would take charge of Carcero. Her hostile, obsolete and repressive treatment towards the prisoners caused them to start a revolution.


He is a Mandirigma. He is the one who saw Adhara taking a life of someone and reported the incident to Apitong and Alena.


He is the leader of the Bandidos.