Mortal is the 5th episode of the Telefantasya Encantadia. This episode premiered on July 22, 2016 and one chapter long. The story centers around the life of Raquim and Amihan into the Human World. The official hashtag for this episode is #EncantadiaMortal.


The man that Raquim helped, named Jigs, welcomed him and his daughter Amihan to his home in the province, much to the gossip of his neighbors, thinking he was some kind of foreigner. Raquim, with the help of Jigs, begins his work as a gold miner and using his ability, managed to get gold easily. Raquim’s continuous discovery of gold caused some of their co-workers to get jealous of him. Meanwhile, Amihan, who was taken care by Jigs’ wife Choleng was visited by birds who consoled her. This was reported to Raquim, who knew Mine-a was the one who sent those birds, thanking her in the process. Time goes by and Amihan grew up, so Raquim taught her the Enchan and the ability of swordfight but despite this, she can’t live like a normal human being.

Back at Encantadia, Gurna notices something when Sang’gre Pirena told her that she doesn’t know where Raquim and her Sister Amihan was brought to, so she reported it to Hagorn, who is starting to figuring out that they were the one who was brought to the Asnamon Tree en route to the human world, so she orders Gurna to find the key to the portal. Gurna discovers that the key is kept by Mine-a herself, using it as a bracelet after using it to visit Amihan into the Human World, disguised as a bird, protecting Amihan from a bully who tried to steal her food. Gurna then told the Hathorian Soldiers to report the discovery to Hagorn.