Mulagat is a half Mulawin and half Diwata who appeared in Mulawin (2004). He also appeared in Mulawin: The Movie only to be revealed that it was Pirena in disguise.

Mulawin (2004)

Mulagat is a recurring character who aided Aguiluz and Alwina in their quest. In the conclusion of the series, Mulagat stayed with Habagat in Avila to fill in his mother's absence as she needed to return to Encantadia.

Mulawin: The Movie

Aviona was playing with the Adamyans when Mulagat appeared to Aviona. Aviona was delighted to see Mulagat since it was a long time since she last saw him. Mulagat tells her that he has an idea of who could've possibly told the Ravenas the location of Ravenum's tomb. Mulagat pointed at Gabriel which made Aguiluz and Alwina angry at him. Later on, Mulagat was seen accompanying Aguiluz and Alwina into freeing Dakila and the others. Mulagat tricks them to following him since he knew the way only to lead them into a place where Ravenas await to ambush them. When Aguiluz and the others were captured, Alwina asked him how can he betray his own race and that his mother and father will surely be disappointed in him. Mulagat says "Huwag si Mulagat ang sisihin ninyo, kundi ako. (Don't blame Mulagat, because it is me.)" Before revealing himself to be actually Pirena.


  • When Mulagat appeared to Aviona in Mulawin: The Movie, there was no hint of suspicion in Aviona's reaction when she saw Mulagat in Encantadia despite choosing to remain in Avila on the conclusion of Mulawin (2004) which opens two possibilities, either Mulagat returned to Encantadia or the producers have forgotten that Mulagat remained in Avila to be with his father.


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Jay Aquitania as Banjo.

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