Mulawin vs. Ravena is a Filipino fantasy television series by GMA Network. It is a sequel to the movie sequel of the groundbreaking Mulawin telefantasya in 2004 and continues the timeline of Encantadia. It previously starred Richard Gutierrez as Aguiluz, Alwina by Angel Locsin, Dennis Trillo as Gabriel, Aviona by Bianca King, Ara Mina as Vultra/Violeta/Veronica, and Savanna by Karen delos Reyes. It started to air on May 22, 2017.

Connection to Encantadia


Manip for Mulawin vs Ravena crossovers.

Mulawin vs Ravena opens possibilities of a crossover wherein, Encantadia characters will appear in the show just like in Mulawin (2004) wherein Ynang Reyna Mine-a and Muyak appeared and the Sang'gres, Ybarro, and other notable Encantadia characters (such as Banak, Nakba, Awoo, and Imaw) appeared in Mulawin the Movie. Its universe is however tied with Encantadia (2005-2006 Series) and not Encantadia (2016), although, the possibility that it is somehow tied to the 2016 series instead increased when the series started airing, as Lireo (2016)'s sigil was seen during a council meeting in Avila. 

Lireo symbol in MvR

The sigil of Lireo as it appeared in this series.

Despite the fact, Encantadiks still theorized casts from the 2005 series such as Diana Zubiri - Danaya (2005) or Sunshine Dizon - Pirena (2005) could appear, expectations of them wearing their iconic costumes once again which could give nostalgia to the fans had surfaced to the fans who had been Encantadiks since 2005. As expected, like in Mulawin (2004) the crossover did happen but it appeared that Mulawin vs Ravena opted to follow the current timeline of Encantadia (2016) wherein the current queen of Lireo is Alena, something that never happened in the Original series.

Crossover with Encantadia

It was announced 17 July 2017 on both 24 Oras and the social media accounts of Encantadia, Mulawin vs Ravena and GMA that Pirena and Lira will appear in Mulawin vs Ravena and the casting is from the 2016 series since Sunshine Dizon (Pirena 2005) is busy with Ika-6 Na Utos and Jennylyn Mercado (Lira 2005) is busy with My Love From The Star respectively so they opted with the 2016 series instead and created an incursion-like storyline for the two characters. The two characters had their debut appearance on July 27, 2017 on the 49th episode of the series.

Crossover Exposition

Reasons why it is difficult to connect the story with Encantadia (2016)

As Sir Noel had stated, Mulawin Vs. Ravena was meant to be connected with Encantadia (2005) however the decision of the management is meant to be followed even at the risk of bringing confusion to the viewers. Such as in Encantadia (2016) wherein, Sunshine Dizon's character Adhara, had to be killed off in the story because she is to portray the lead role of Emma in Ika-6 na Utos.

  • The events in Mulawin: The Movie happened during the reign of Reyna Amihan, definitely before Pirena returned and asked for repentance with an evil intent (as that is the only timeline possible in Encantadia (2005)) while in Encantadia (2016), there were only two periods where Pirena is still an enemy and Amihan is still in Lireo: the time before Pirena asked for repentance with an evil intent and when Amihan liberated Lireo after LilaSari betrayed Hagorn, but by that time Hagorn had already massacred the Mulawins and only Lakan and Pagaspas are left alive.
  • Lakan was made to be the counterpart of Bagwis.
  • The lore of the Gintong Binhi as introduced in Encantadia (2016), is created by Emre (it did not grow from a tree which was shown in Mulawin: The Movie.)
    • In the Mulawin: The Movie, it took decades to produce a Gintong Binhi because it is produced by a tree and the Binhi can be spew out to use on another being while in Encantadia (2016) there were two Binhis stored in The Labyrinth of Balbal, one was used on Lira while the other was destroyed by Cassiopea. The binhis were solely meant for single use only.
    • The Gintong Binhi was meant for the luntiae of Encantadia but that luntiae died.
    • Bathalumang Ether took the Binhi and placed it in the The Labyrinth of Balbal.
  • There are only two Mulawins left in the story of Encantadia (2016).

Evidences that the Diwatas the Mulawins knew is from Encantadia (2005) and not from Encantadia (2016)

  • When Lira introduced Pirena she said "Reyna ng mga Hathor" which Pagaspas quickly follows with "Sang'gre Pirena" as if disagreeing that Lira called Pirena "Queen of Hathors".
  • Pagaspas mentioned he had been to Encantadia with Lawiswis and they even talked to her mother when they were young referring to the iconic scene in Mulawin: The Movie wherein Amihan describes the never ending cycle of war.

Evidences that the portrayal of Lira and Pirena is based from Encantadia (2016) and not Encantadia (2005)

  • Basically everything shouts 2016 based on the appearance of the kingdom of Lireo and Hathoria, Brilyante ng Apoy, Hathor soldiers, armors, Enchan words, etc.
  • The incursion occurred after Alena is hailed queen of Lireo in Encantadia (2016).

Timeline of Encantadia.

  • The current queen of Lireo is Alena basing from the banners hanging in Lireo which is colored green, something that never happened in Encantadia (2005) since Alena became Queen of Sapiro.
  • Lira did not mention that Amihan is present in the ongoing assembly in Sapiro hinting that Amihan is no longer alive.
  • Ybrahim and Alena died during two separate events in Encantadia: Pag-ibig Hanggang Wakas but they both were mentioned.
  • By the conclusion of Encantadia: Pag-ibig Hanggang Wakas, Pirena, Amihan and Danaya altogether disappeared one day and the current queen of Lireo is Cassandra.
  • When Pirena told Lira that she'll be held accountable if something bad happens to her, she only said she'll be held accountable to Lira's father indicating Amihan is no longer alive.
  • Pirena described Lira as someone who doesn't use weapons. Lira in Encantadia (2005) never stopped using weapons.
  • Danaya never obtained a Mulawin Flute in Encantadia (2005) the Mulawins were the ones that came to help them.
  • Lira from Encantadia (2005) didn't have the power of super-speed.
  • Lira acts cute and flirty around the Mulawins which is something Lira in Encantadia (2005) wouldn't do since from the start she only loved Anthony.
  • Pirena doesn't mention, look for nor even ask about Aguiluz and Alwina.
  • When Lira introduced Pirena she said "Reyna ng mga Hathor".
20170729 003622

Pagaspas looked confused when Lira told him they've met and that he saved Lira's life.

  • Pagaspas doesn't remember saving Lira's life. Moreover, Tandang Lumbas clarified that there was another Pagaspas that lived in Encantadia. That Pagaspas is a tabon and Dakila's favorite. Although Tandang Lumbas said there's another Pagaspas it couldn't be the Pagaspas Lira knew since they are from another universe.
  • The Pagaspas Lira knew told her a story that the Mulawins were wiped out of existence and only two of them remain alive referring to the event where Hagorn killed the Mulawins during the genocide.
  • Pagaspas seems to be scared around Pirena or hasn't forgiven Pirena yet for reviving Ravenum and the Buwarka because he left with Lawiswis when she arrived with Anya yet Pirena couldn't even take a hint.
  • Pirena claimed to know the Tres Aves but didn't even bother to correct Anya when she said that the Tres Aves had no powers.
  • Pirena doesn't recognize Gabriel which is impossible if she was portraying the Encantadia (2005) version since Pirena (as Mulagat in Mulawin: The Movie) had accused Gabriel in giving information to the Ravenas.

Plot holes and Mysteries

  • Banoy was last seen to be captured by Daragit's guards by the time Avila was about to be closed. How could he have returned to Bundok Latukan in a matter of time?
  • Pirena said she knew there were Mulawins in the Mortal World but completely believed Hagorn when he said that there are no Mulawins left. Maybe because Hagorn was talking about the Mulawins in Pugad Lawin?
  • Pirena claims to have committed a sin to the Mulawins in the Mortal World. If she will claim it is about the Mulawin Massacre during her reign as queen of Lireo, how could've she sinned to them when only Hagorn went to uphold the massacre? Furthermore, the massacre of the Mulawins happened to the Mulawins residing in Encantadia, (Hagorn was able to kill them all except Pagaspas who survived, because they refused to give up their loyalty to Amihan.) and not in the Mortal World. Could she be talking about Pirena (2005)'s revival of Ravenum and the Buwarka?
  • Malik stated that there was a Mulawin Flute given to the Diwatas but that flute he was referring was never seen during the run of Encantadia (2005).
  • Pirena knew the way to Avila despite not having been there before. Furthermore, she claims to know the Tres Aves despite the fact that the trio doesn't seem to exist in Encantadia (2016).
  • Anya stated that the Tres Aves had no power but were able to defeat the Buwarka which isn't true. Banoy had super-strength, Langay had super-speed and Palong was skilled in fighting skills and the Tres Aves didn't just defeat the Buwarka but killed it not just once, but twice. (For more information see Tres Aves) It's pretty disturbing to see that not neither Pagaspas nor Lawiswis who both took the challenge of Langay, one of the members of the Tres Aves in Mulawin: The Movie even bothered to correct what Anya said about them being powerless or only defeated the Buwarka. This was corrected in the succeeding episodes.
  • Why was it neccessary for Pirena and Lira to return to Encantadia to heal Lira?
  • If Hagorn was already dead by the time the incursion happened, who sent the (cursed) Hathors to attack the group of Mulawins?
  • Pirena gained a new love interest during the run of the Tagapangalagas Arc and wed Azulan after the war yet why was she teased by Lira to Gabriel?

Plot Synopsis

In the beginning, there was only the Sky, Water, and Land. Bathalang Mandarangan, the creator of all things, married the Diyosa Sandawa and had three offsprings who protected/safeguarded the Sky, Water, and Land. Namely Magindara, Lumad, and Dakila. Magindara, the first-born, is tasked to safeguard the Waters, she lives in Lake Venado which is near Mt. Apo and Tierra Fuego. Lumad, the second born, is tasked to safeguard the domain of Land and later also the warmth and light from the Sun and Fire element. While Dakila, the third offspring, is tasked to safeguard the sky; he was different from his siblings, he was gifted with wings.

Lumad marries a human and becomes mortal. They had three offspring who establish a tribe of nature-loving but fiery men who have considered forests and surroundings of Mt. Apo their home. This tribe would eventually splinter into many other tribes of indigenous people, and collectively, they would be called Lumads, in memory of their common ancestor.

Magindara chooses not to marry or fall in love with a mortal upon the strict advice of her mother Sandawa. Marrying a mortal would mean embracing mortality, and Sandawa does not want her daughter Magindara, her only remaining companion, to follow the footsteps of Dakila and Lumad. Magindara, like her mother, has remained immortal as a mermaid, guarding the waters of Lake Venado.

Dakila also becomes mortal. He later establishes a kingdom for his kind, which he named Avila, it is located at the very top of Mt. Apo. They have called themselves Mulawin. Though humans have caused the destruction of the forests, forcing Avians out of their own habitat, Dakila and most of the Mulawins have maintained their benevolence towards humans. This does not sit well with a faction of Mulawins headed by Ravenum. They decide to breakaway and attack the townsfolk of Tierra Fuego and the rest of the world in revenge, however, Ravenum dies and his son Rasmus forms their own tribe called Ravena in remembrance of his father and established a kingdom called Halconia in the volcanic mines located inside a sleeping volcano found in a hidden valley.

Since then, Mulawins and Ravenas have been at war, fighting each other over humans. (Lakan told this in his appearance in Encantadia, that they own the third entrance to the portal from humans to Encantadia that's why they maintained close relationship with humans.) Both Mulawin and Ravena have had histories of love affairs with human beings which resulted to producing half-blood offsprings (or so called Tabon in the Mulawin Lore) like: half-human, half-Mulawin Alwina and half-human, half-Ravena Gabriel. This dilution of their race has made Mulawins and Ravenas mortal like humans. And it is the desire for immortality that sets the stage for the new chapter of the Mulawin-Ravena saga; feuding realms for a fortunate fate.

Behind the Scenes


The first appearance of the Mulawin in 12 years happened in the 2016 requel of Encantadia starring Miguel Tanfelix as Pagaspas, the same actor who portrayed the same character in Mulawin (Book 1) and Mulawin: The Movie. It was followed by a special appearance of Alden Richards in the same series as Lakan, former leader of the Mulawin tribe in Encantadia. In the 2005 Encantadia series, the Mulawins also made several appearances including: Avilan, the former leader of the Mulawins serving as a spirit guide to Amihan, Dakila, King of the Mulawins at that time, and Bagwis, who was the Leader of the Mulawin Army at that time.

This show was first announced during GMA Network's New Year Countdown, with the official title as Mulawin VS Ravena as part of the network's line-up for 2017. Principal photography and filming are yet to be announced.


On November 2016, Popoy Caritativo, manager of actor Dennis Trillo posted an Instagram photo regarding his meeting with GMA Network executives including Cheryl Ching-Sy, AVP for Drama regarding the sequel of the hit 2004 series, Mulawin. Trillo was also present in the said meeting which was later revealed to topbill the upcoming series, in a yet to be determined role. 

On December 2016, Alden Richards and Miguel Tanfelix who both appeared in the 2016 version of Encantadia as Lakan and Pagaspas respectively were also announced to be part of the show.

On January 16, 2017, most of the cast were announced by GMA Executive, Helen Sese which includes the Asia's songbird, Regine Velasquez.

On March 27, 2017, Lovi Poe, Heart Evangelista, Carla Abellana, Bea Binene, Bianca Umali, Miguel Tanfelix, Dennis Trillo, Derrick Monasterio, Kiko Estrada, and etc. were introduced in the 24 Oras News Program during the Chika Minute segment.



On 17 March 2017, the official Mulawin VS Ravena Twitter Account announced that the shoot for the series has started.


Archival Footage 

  • Richard Guttierez as Aguiluz (Footage from Mulawin: The Movie and Mulawin Book 1)
  • Angel Locsin as Alwina (Footage from Mulawin: The Movie and Mulawin Book 1)
  • Kristel Fulgar as Young Alwina (Footage from Mulawin Book 1)
  • Dennis Trillo as Gabriel (Footage from Mulawin: The Movie and Mulawin Book 1)
  • Miguel Tanfelix as Young Pagaspas (Footage from Mulawin: The Movie and Mulawin Book 1)
  • Sam Bumatay as Young Lawiswis (Footage from Mulawin: The Movie and Mulawin Book 1)
  • Michael de Mesa as Ravenum (Footage from Mulawin: The Movie)
  • "Unknown Actor" as Almiro (Footage from Mulawin: The Movie)
  • Amy Austria as Lourdes (Footage from Mulawin: The Movie and Mulawin Book 1)
  • Karen delos Reyes as Savanna (Footage from Mulawin Book 1)
  • Gary Estrada as Rasmus (Footage from Mulawin Book 1)

New Footage

  • Marc Justin Alvarez as Young Pagaspas
  • Miguel Tanfelix as Pagaspas
  • Althea Ablan as Young Lawiswis
  • Bianca Umali as Lawiswis
  • Tj Trinidad as Greco
  • Dennis Trillo as Gabriel
  • Heart Evangelista as Alwina
  • Carla Abellana as Aviona
  • Will Ashley as Young Almiro
  • Derrick Monasterio as Almiro
  • Leanne Amber Bautista as Young Anya
  • Bea Binene as Anya
  • Regine Velasquez-Alcasid as Sandawa
  • Chynna Ortaleza as Rashana
  • Dion Ignacio as Siklab
  • Carl Acosta as Young Rafael
  • Kiko Estrada as Rafael
  • Roi Vinzon as Daragit
  • Wynwyn Marquez as Ribay
  • Lovi Poe as Magindara
  • Ariel Rivera as Panabon
  • Tom Rodriguez as Rodrigo
  • Valerie Concepcion as Tuka
  • David Licauco as Malik
  • Angelu De Leon as Lourdes
  • Bobby Andrews as Dionisio
  • Joko Diaz as Antonio
  • Charee Pineda as Savanna Montenegro
  • Nova Villa as Consuelo
  • Joey Paras as Dakdak
  • Juan Rodrigo as Lumbas
  • Jeff Carpio as Laab
  • Carlon Matobato as Balatkayo
  • "Unknown Actor" as Bagak
  • Martin del Rosario as Aramis
  • Dexter Doria as Rosing
  • Shermaine Santiago as Maningning
  • Kristoffer Martin as Libero
  • Mike Lloren as Diosdado
  • John Feir as Banoy
  • JC Tiuseco as Tangos
  • Elle Ramirez as Uyak
  • Froilan Sales as Bagyo
  • Lharby Policarpio as Pakdaw
  • Kirst Viray as Noni
  • Seth dela Cruz as Uwak-ak/Wak
  • Caprice Mendez as Tagaktak/Tak
  • Sherilyn Reyes as Lagrimas
  • Jazz Ocampo as Marga
  • Paolo Gumabao as Ryan
  • Angela Evangelista as Riya
  • B Delgado as Patty
  • Ara Mina as Vultra
  • "Unknown Actor" as Bagwis
  • "Unknown Actor" as Dakila


  • Sir Noel Flores has said that Mulawin vs. Ravena is not a requel, but a sequel following the events at the end of Mulawin: The Movie; as Alwina and Aguiluz's son has now grown up and Gabriel has succeeded the throne of Halconia.
  • In the 24 Oras on March 27, 2017 they have recapped the 2004 Mulawin series and the movie and also has announced most of the cast, including Alwina who will be played by Heart Evangelista.
  • Dennis Trillo, who was one of the original casts in Mulawin back in 2004 will play again his character, Gabriel, who is now King of Halconia.
  • Miguel Tanfelix, who was one of the original casts in Mulawin back in 2004 later reprises his role as Pagaspas.
    • The Pagaspas from Encantadia 2016 is entirely different from the Pagaspas from Mulawin Book 1.
  • The Title Card of the series seem to be wings of Mulawins and Ravenas rumbled together. Indicating a feud between the two races of Mulawins.



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