Muyak is a diwata in the fantasy television series (locally known as telefantasya) Mulawin and Encantadia both produced by GMA Network. Muyak is played by Italian-Filipina actress Nancy Castiglione in the original series as well as its spin-offs and Klea Pineda in the 2016 reboot.


Muyak is a Diwata with butterfly-like wings, much like Tinkerbell. Their kind are called Lambanas (plural). When she went to the mortal world, she becomes human-sized and because she is not a Sang'gre she is not visible to the mortals other than Lira.

Role in Mulawin

In Mulawin, she saved Alwina from death by wrapping her up on a cocoon and brings her to Encantadia which was later healed by Ynang Reyna. After that, they became good friends.

Mulawin Ang lambanang si Muyak Episode 33

Mulawin Ang lambanang si Muyak Episode 33

Muyak makes her debut appearance in Mulawin.

She is also the dama (lady-in-waiting/handmaiden) to Linang, giving advice when necessary. Muyak is the foster mother of Aramis, son of Lourdes, which was only revealed in the later part of the series.

Role in Encantadia

In Encantadia, She was the dama of Sang'gre Alena; she often asked Muyak for advice, on love. She witnessed the event when Pirena exchanged the babies, her daughter (Mira) and Queen Amihan's daughter (Lira). Muyak followed Pirena and got outside Encantadia to the Human World (Mundo ng Tao) by the Tree of Asnamon. After that, Muyak got stranded in the Human World and couldn't escape from it. Instead, she watched Lira (Milagros; her name in the Human World) as she grew up and kept her safe while being adopted by a human family. Later on in the series, Muyak encountered Danaya and happily reported to her that Lira is alive. She brought Danaya to Lira's whereabouts. After that it is unknown what happened to Muyak other than she remained in the mortal world.


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