Odessa is an antagonist who originally made a cameo appearance only via flashback (illustration only) on the Philippine television fantasy series Encantadia produced by GMA Network. She made her debut appearance on Episode 195.


Odessa is a resident and a Hera or noble from Hera Aega, a tribe of Etheria known for its denizens' ability to control someone's emotion.


Odessa is brought to the present with Juvila.

Ginintuang Orasan Arc

Avria brought Odessa along with Juvila to the present time to aid her in her quest to conquer Encantadia. Avria however, didn't tell anyone that it was them whom she took from the past. She told Andora and Asval that they would meet them when the time is right.

Debut Appearance

Odessa along with Juvila appeared when Avria called for them to fight in her place while she will retrieve the Ginintuang Orasan. She gave them a formal introduction before leaving. Odessa removed her cape and fought Danaya. Moments later they retreated with Odessa saying it isn't the right time to fight them.

Hagorn's flashback

How they were brought to the present was shown in Hagorn's flashback when he told Asval about the Herans Avria had called from the past.

Fall of the New Etheria

Hagorn ordered a Hathor to fetch Odessa and Juvila and take them to where they are. They are greeted by an excited Andora whom they weren't able to recognize because of her appearance.



  • Odessa wasn't mentioned nor named in any of the episodes (until Episode 194; when she was indirectly mentioned to Andora and Asval by Avria) but an illustration of an Etherian was shown in Episode 157 which was aired on February 21, 2017 having the same physical attributes of Odessa back in 2006 including the outfit she is wearing and the colors.
    • Her illustration resembles her original position in the first version of Etheria despite a few differences in the battle attire.
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