Confession is the 6th episode of the Telefantasya Encantadia. This episode premiered on July 25, 2016 and one chapter long, it revolves around Raquim introducing her daughter Amihan to the World of Encantadia. The official hashtag for this episode is #EncantadiaPagAmin.


Kabanata 9: Ang Muling Paghaharap.

Title translation: Chapter 9: The Re-Confrontation

Amihan is bothered that unlike most girls, she can’t go to school to which Raquim told her that she’s different and to learn the whole truth about her at the right time. When two thugs saw Amihan disappeared in front of them while trying to kidnapping her, they reported this to Raquim's jealous co-workers, who doubted them. Raquim, who wanted nothing but for him and his daughter to live peacefully, used the staff of forgetfulness to them, including Jigs. Knowing that the time has arrived, Raquim introduces Amihan to their world of Encantadia.

Back at Encantadia, Gurna successfully stole the key of the Portal from Mine-a by making her unconscious (using the same powder she used when she abducted Amihan). She then gave it to Hagorn, using it to go the Human World. Upon seeing that the portal at the Asnamon tree is opened, Aquil and Muros went to the Human World to check on Raquim and Amihan’s condition. 

Amihan had a dream of her falling into a cliff only to be saved by Mine-a, who unknown to her is her Mother. Mine-a told Amihan to warn her father that they’re in danger from the Hathorians, who attacked them unsuspectingly. And as Raquim battles the Hathorians, he once again confronts Hagorn.