Showdown is the 7th episode of the Telefantasya Series, Encantadia. This episode premiered on July 26, 2016 and one chapter long, revolving around the battle between Raquim and Hagorn and the return of Amihan to Encantadia. The official hashtag for this episode is #EncantadiaPagtutuos.


Kabanata 10: Ang Pagbabalik ng Sang’gre

Title translation: Chapter 10: The return of the Sang'gre

Jigs felt uneasy when Amihan told him that she was an Encantado. So he and Choleng went to find them and as they look for him, they were met by the Hathorian soldiers.

Meanwhile, Hagorn tried to persuade Raquim to join forces with him to destroy Lireo but Raquim declines. So Raquim and Hagorn fought. As Raquim was about to kill Hagorn, Agane distracted Raquim by choking Amihan, taking this as an opportunity by Hagorn to kill him. Before dying, Raquim told Amihan that there is a beautiful place that is far away that is more suitable for her. Hagorn then stabbed Amihan before returning to Encantadia. Aquil and Muros, who went to Raquim and Amihan’s home earlier, found them, saving Amihan and bringing her back to Encantadia. When the Hathorians returned to Encantadia, Agane was ordered by Hagorn to return the Key to Gurna but before doing it, Agane reported that some Diwata crossed the portal, Hagorn then insisted not to close the portal, so Minea can see the body of her love and their daughter. 

Upon waking up at Encantadia, Amihan was welcomed by Imaw, whom she thought was a ghoul at first. Muros then reported to the other Sanggre Pirena (who, earlier hoped that Amihan might never return), Alena and Danaya that their sister has arrived. Mine-a mourns the death of her love, Raquim, admitting him that her heart belongs to him since they first met. Amihan was then welcomed by Muyak and by her mother Mine-a, consoling her over the death of her father, Raquim.