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The Sapiryans is a fictional race in the fantasy television series (locally known as telefantasya) Encantadia produced by GMA Network.


Sapiryans are the people who are native to or citizens of the kingdom Sapiro. They are known to have a lean to muscular built, this statement was later proven by Hera Odessa(2005), of Hera Aega when she stated that Ybarro possesses the natural body-build distinct to that of a Sapiryan. They are also notable known for being able to have a natural connection to Earth, its riches, minerals and affinity to take care of animal lifeforms.

The Royal House of Sapiro is consisting of a King, Queen and their heirs, to which all have extra abilities like teleporation and rapid healing.


History and Culture

Encantadia 23


The Sapiryans are closely similar to the Diwatas, they can also teleport themselves to another place and shoot out blast bolts from their hands. However, they are more hostile, more cunning and shrewder than the denizens of Lireo. They have the ability to heal themselves or others of a disease or any kinds of wounds. In contrast to Lirean royalty, Sapiryan royalty is very much akin to the traditional patriarchal definition of an absolute monarchy. This means the eldest son of the king is next in line to rule the mystical kingdom. The Sapiryan king is allowed to love whoever he wants to love and choose his wife but the difference from the Diwatas is that their race is dominated by men.

They are best known for their unmatched skills in swordsmanship and archery. They are also proficient in hand-to-hand combat. Sapiryans also have incredible strength, which they draw all their powers from. They are very shrewd and cunning, making them great allies and very dangerous enemies in battle.


  • Royalty - Sapiryan royalty is very much alike to the traditional patriarchal definition of an absolute monarchy which means the eldest son of the king is next in line to rule the mystical kingdom. A Sapiryan of royal lineage can be identified by a distinct marking, like the Sang'gres, but on their right shoulder blades. This marking resembles the rune or symbol for Sapiro
  • Mandirigma - Male warriors. They aren't classed as Sapiryans but as lower, but live outside the castles of Sapiro. They are known to be great warriors and masters of hand-to-hand combat and use such weapons like Swords, daggers, etc.


Known Sapiryans

Character Description
ArmeoIcon The father of Ybrahim and the husband of Mayne. He was the king before the downfall of Sapiro.
MayneIcon The wife of Armeo and the mother of Ybrahim. The only known queen of Sapiro.
LilaSariIcon The daughter of the first king and builder of the kingdom of Sapiro. She is half Diwata and half Sapiryan.
AsvalIcon1 The Mashna of the Sapiryan Army and the self proclaimed "Rehav of Sapiro" it is unconfirmed up to now if he is related to Armeo and Raquim just like in 2005 wherein they were cousins or just a Mashna of Sapiro who wants to raise his status.
AliraIcon The Mashna de of Sapiro.
YbarroIcon The sole heir to the throne of Sapiro. The son of Rama Armeo and Mayne. He ascended as the Rama of Sapiro after the Hadezar war.
AmihanIcon2 The daughter of Rehav Raquim and Hara Mine-a. She is half Diwata and half Sapiryan.
LiraIcon The daughter of Ybrahim and Amihan. Her Sapiryan bloodline is more dominant than her Diwata bloodline. She is a princess of both Sapiro and Lireo.
KahlilIcon The son of Ybrahim and Alena. He is half Diwata and half Sapiryan. He is a prince of both Sapiro and Lireo but died an early death before he could even be introduced/proclaimed as one.


  • In the 2005 version, the Royal Family of Sapiro has the special ability to teleport and heal their or other people's wounds. The 2016 version doesn't showcase neither of these abilties.
  • Sapiryans are subdivided into four tribes, all of them recognize the soverignity of the King. Except the Barbaros of Askano who only recognize it into a limited degree.

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