Sumpa ni Minea (English: Curse of Minea) is the 3rd episode of the Telefantasya Encantadia. This episode premiered on July 20, 2016 and one chapter long. The official hashtag for this episode is #EncantadiaSumpaNiMinea.


Continuing Chapter 6 of the story, Raquim handed over the three gems to Mine-a, who in return introduces their daughter, Amihan to console him for the death of his Brother, King Armeo, his wife and possibly Prince Ybrahim. Pirena tries to get the attention of her Mother only to discover that her Mother and Raquim pays more attention to Amihan than her, much to her disappointment.

Meanwhile in the mountains of Adjantao, Apitong, leader of the Mandirigma, introduces to his wife, Ayang the infant Ybrahim which he was asked by the Queen of Sapiro to look after, who was killed by Agane as they escape Sapiro. He then took Ybrahim as his Son, much to the worry of Ayang that he may get punished for what he did.

Kabanata 7: Ang Banta kay Sang’gre Amihan

Title translation: Chapter 7: The threat to Sang'gre Amihan

To get his revenge on Raquim, Hagorn orders Gurna to kill Raquim's child with Mine-a, giving her a knife that she will use to kill Amihan and a powder that she can use to make everyone that guards Amihan unconscious, more importantly Mine-a. She then promised Sang’gre Pirena that her Sister Amihan would not stay any longer. So using the powder, Gurna knocks the guards and Mine-a unconscious and abducts Amihan. This caused the Kingdom of Lireo to panic when they discovered that Amihan was missing. While Mine-a prays for the return of her infant, Ades notices that Pirena is all alone without Gurna, who was about to kill Amihan when a mysterious archer stops her by hitting an arrow to her arm, saving the infant and retrieving the knife that was supposed to be used on killing the infant. The failed plot by Gurna deeply upsets Pirena but Gurna promised her that she will not stop until Amihan is gone. Mine-a was reunited with her daughter Amihan. Raquim then introduces Enuo, the archer that saved Amihan and retrieving the knife that Raquim recognizes as the same knife Hagorn used during the Battle between Sapiro & Hathoria. This caused Mine-a to confront Hagorn, who denied any involvement on the attempt of Amihan's life, also telling Mine-a that he will not stop until he kills Raquim, the person who killed his father and took Mine-a from him. Mine-a using the 4 gems, curses the Hathors that when they die they will vanish and that there will be no bodies for their loved ones to mourn. She then curses that the appearances of the Hathors be hideous for Encantados to avoid. She also curses their kingdom to be destroyed and leaves.