The Labyrinth of Balbal is a large maze guarded by the fearsome Balbal, a creature made by the Bathalumang Ether who is said to be an encantado that is full of anger and hatred. Legend has it that whoever steps foot in the Labyrinth will never step foot outside again.


Lakan along with Danaya in search of the Gintong Binhi

According to Pagaspas, Encantadia had a savior once, but she died, so in order for that never to happen again, Emre created the Gintong Binhi. The labyrinth is where you can find the Gintong Binhi, it is an item that could revive the dead. Ether took this item after it was created by Emre and hid it in the Labyrinth and created Balbal to guard it. The labyrinth also has many treasures, many treasure hunters attempted to get the treasures in the maze, but no one has succeeded yet because of the Labyrinth's fierce guardian.

Balbal usually sneaks at intruders behind the labyrinth's large walls, and attacks them when they least suspect it. This is why no one gets out of the maze alive.