Ursula is a character mentioned in the sequel to the highly rated Encantadia, Etheria. She became Cassiopea's successor as queen of Lireo.


Reason for succeeding Reyna Cassiopea

When Cassiopea was still Queen of Lireo, the Hathors did an unexpected step by instilling fear and anger to the Mulawin race, thus Cassiopea decided to make the fateful decision to save the allies of the Diwatas from the wrath of the Hathors by dividing the Gem of the Elements into four pieces and gave one each to the four kingdoms in order to protect everyone and also so that Hathoria would stop making chaos. Though it can be considered as a wise decision, it angered the Bathalang Emre and he cursed Cassiopea with immortality and banishment from Lireo. With Cassiopea's disappearance from Lireo, the Diwatas had to find someone to replace Cassiopea since there is no one to succeed her. Ursula was chosen. After sitting on the throne of Lireo, not long Ursula died because of a terrible sickness. The throne was then succeded by Demetria, who later then dies also like Ursula.


  • Ursula was only mentioned on the final episode of Etheria by Raquim.
  • Both Ursula and Demetria's reigns are short because they were not worthy of the throne as they both don’t have marks on their backs like Cassiopea, Mine-a, and the Sang’gres.
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